Saturday, 26 February 2011

Up here in the far North East

we've finally got some of these

No doubt darn sarf you're all already in your bikini's and sipping Pims :D

Two more days and I will have completed my post a day for the month of February challenge. After finding out about my Uncle etc I didn't think I'd be able to come and post everyday but I've actually found it helpful in giving me something to focus on. Not that my daily post have been that intellectual but hey this is my blog so you're not here for discussions on Egalitarianism or the Principle of extensiveness are you....are you?

I was glad to see so many of you agreed with my thinking that fast food places are NOT restaurants - not that I get the chance to dine in either of them much. Acutally that reminds me I must get the photos of the tapas me and Big one had while we were in Glasgow...


VintageVicki said...

Just put my towel on the sunlounger - thinking a breakfast of Pimms & strawberries in the garden this morning ;)

I wish - but it is very sunny here at the moment - it will rain when the washing goes out I'm sure!!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Chance would be a fine thing! We may have crocus and daffs on show now, but I think the sun forgot that it was OK for it to shine a little! However it is this morning, bright and warm (well sat by my window it is)and makes me really think that perhaps Spring is on its way...Hooray!!
PS I love snowdrops

Curry Queen said...

Aren't they beautiful? We have some of those darn sarf but no bikinis just yet!

Nearly there Claire said...

Well we could all put on our bikinis (?? I don't even own such a thing!) and sip Pimms one evening together if you fancy it! Only in the comfort(privicy) of our own home, with the heating on. ;o) xx