Wednesday, 2 February 2011

D Day

She's on her way!! In fact as you read this she could probably already be here. I have no doubt already rolled my eyes at least 4 times and bitten through my tongue twice. At least!!

Thanks everyone for your comments from yesterday, two weeks is probably nothing after the FIVE weeks she was here for Christmas 2009 - oh yes go back to read that beauty! LOL It's a wonder I'm still able to type coherently anymore. Actually forget that I don't think I've ever typed coherently.

I really don't need the extra stress right now, actually I'm hoping I may have some exciting news to share come Thursday but for now I'll just keep deep breathing.

Now for today's fun I'm very proud to tell you about my clever wee one who won a first (for her year) in her School's Robbie Burn's Day Competition. Robbie Burn's birthday is 25th January and naturally on the day up here in Scotland they serve Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. All the kids learn a song, a poem and play a tune if they are studying an instrument.

Wee one sang Mull of Kintyre
beautifully and today she was awarded first prize at the school assembly.

She also received third prize for her rendition of...

A Dug A Dug

by Bill Keys

Hey, Daddy, wid you get us a dug?
A big broon a’satian? Ur a wee white pug?
Ur a skinny wee terrier, ur a big fat bull?
Aw, Daddy, get us a dug. Wull yi?

Whit! An' whose dug'll it be when it durties the flerr?
An' pees’n the carpet an' messes the sterr?
It's me ur yer mammy'll be tane furra mug.
Away oot'n play. Yer no gettin' a dug.

But, Daddy, thur gien them away
Doon therr at the rspca.
Yeu'll get wan fur nothin' so yi wull.
Aw, Daddy, get us a dug. Wull yi?

Doon therr at the rspca!
D’yi think ah’ve goat nothin’ else tae dae
Bit git you a dug thit ah’ll huv tae mind?
Yur no needin’ a dug: yi urny blind.

Aye, but, Daddy, therr rerr fur guardin’ the hoose,
An’ thur better’n cats fur catchin’ a mose,
An’ see wee Danny, ‘is dug kin gie ‘is barra a pull.
Aw, hey, Daddy, get us a dug. Wull yi?

Dji hear um? Oan aboot dugs again?
Ah think that yin's goat dugs oan the brain.
Ah know whit ye'll get: a skite oan the lug
If ah hear any merr aboot this bliddy dug.

Aw, Daddy, it widnae be dear tae keep
An' ah'd make it a basket fur it tae sleep.
An' ah'd take it fur runs away ower the hull.
Aw, Daddy, get us a dug, Wull ye?

Ah doan't think thur's ever been emdy like you:
Yi could wheedle the twist oot a flamin' corkscrew.
Noo! Get doon aff ma neck. Gie's nane o’ yur hug.
Aw right. That's anuff. Ah'll get ye a dug.

Aw, Daddy! A dug! A dug!

No? Not quite getting all of that? Ok then here's how it would sound without a broad Scottish dialect.

A Dog A Dog

Hey, Daddy, would you get us a Dog?
A big brown Alsation or a small white pug?
Or a skinny small terrier, or a big fat bull?
Oh, Daddy, get us a Dog. Will you?

What! And whose Dog will it be when it messes the floor,
And wets the carpet and messes the stair?
It will be me or your Mum who will be taken for a mug.
Go out and play. You are not getting a Dog.

But Daddy, they are giving them away
Down there at the RSPCA.
You will get one for nothing so you will.
Oh. Daddy, get us a Dog, Will you?

Down there at the RSPCA!
Do you think I have nothing else to do?
But to get you a dog I have to remember?
You dont need a dog you are not blind

Yes but Daddy they great for guarding the house,
And better than cats for catching a mouse,
And wee Danny's dog can pull his barrow.
Now please Daddy get us a dog will you?z

Do you hear me? On about Dogs again?
I think that you have got Dogs on the brain.
I know what you will get: a blow on the ear
If I hear any more about this blooming Dog.

Oh, Daddy, it wouldn't be expensive to keep
And I'd make it a basket for it to sleep.
And I'd take it for runs away over the hill.
Oh, Daddy, get us a Dog, Will you'?

A don't think they is anybody like you:
You could coax the twist out a flaming corkscrew.
Now! Get down off my neck. Give me none of your hugs.
All right. That's enough. I'll get you a Dog.

Oh Daddy. A Dog. A Dog.

See you actually understood more than you thought eh? ;)


Menopausal musing said...

Loving the bit about coaxing the twist out of a corkscrew! Well done your daughter! You are just going to have to have to bite that tongue to keep the peace methinks. Hang in there! :O)))

Twiggy said...

Bet you'll start sighing and saying, yeah, whatever!!! soon ;)
Twiggy x
PS Well done wee one!

auntiegwen said...

Good luck wi yer mammy xxx

Em said...

Good luck lovely!!
And as for the poem..I think my 8 years in the highlands helped me with most of the translation...but I double checked with your translation afterwards!
Em xxxxx

Curry Queen said...

Got your tin hat at the ready? Sandbags in position .. 5..4..3..2..1 AAAAAGH!

JuicyFig said...

Good luck chuck! love the poem, miles better than "Albert and the Lion" we always ended up reading!

And - yes, kids grow far too fast! faster than we did I am sure!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I prefered the scottish dialect even though I got a little lost in places... Les thinks its hysterical when I try to comprehend really broad scottish accents.. I can't help it but apparently my gaze strengthens to almost a piercing stare and my brow furrows as I try to decipher what the hell they're on about... I don't mean to be rude but I can't help it... my crazy mind seems to think that if I watch intently it will all become clear... but it doesn't and when we get away I say to Les... "what did he say!?" ;D

Well done to your very talented and wonderful daughter... xx