Sunday, 8 June 2008

Photo catchup

Was out last night at the 21st birthday party for the daughter of my boss. It was a formal black and white dress code, so I dutifully donned a dress (which I don't do very often I can tell you), we had a good time though even if trying to boogie to 3 inch heels is a killer!

Anyway pictures, I promised pictures so here we go...

This was my recent haul from the local charity shop. I spent a total of £10.80 and got some great stuff.
4 books, a huge frame, some embroidery floss, some cover your own buttons with material kits, 2 plastic dolls for me and wee one's project of making our garden the strangest ever, a draughts game but unfortuately the board is missing but i've got an old game board that I can convert, a mug thing that is now on my wall holding all my tapes,
and this set of plates, bowls and a jug for £4.50.

This is the shirt I stencilled for the PIF that I sent to Vicki, she's over there ----------> on my list ;)

I won a competition on the Anchor butter website, a set of paint your own wellies, unfortunately the biggest size is still too small for either of my two but they'll be handy as a present sometime in the future.

This is all the amazing stuff I received from TeamWang on the Dr Who Swap over at Craftster.

I don't appear to have any pics on the computer of what I sent but I'm sure they're around somewhere I'll post them when I find them.

This the gorgeous stuff AngryAngel sent me for the Back to Nature Swap.
Check out Nemi, isn't she just THE most gorgeous sprite ever!
And this is what I sent to AA, I was excited to actually sew something for a change, it was a my first attempt at making a bag out of a pillowcase and I used driftwood for the handles. I also got into some cross stitch thanks to big one's encouragement, she was very proud with my attempts bless her.

This is a collective shot of everything I sent to Edel for the Skull Swap

Again I am super excited with myself for not only sewing something but I sewed in a ZIP for the first time ever!!!
It's not as wonky in real life honest.

So apart from doing lots of crafting and trying to declutter the house what else have we been up to? Oh yeah me and wee one had a wee game of hallway bowling

Shame it didn't come with one of those machines that picks them all up and sets them all up again :D

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

So many pictures

but just too darn tired tonight. So coming soon to a screen near you will be
* My skull swap stuff.
* My Back to Nature swap stuff.
* My Dr Who swap stuff
* My PIF stuff.

and I've also been putting together a couple of wee tutorials. Yes I know get me, me trying out a tutorial! ;)

But right now I'm off to my bed so here's a nice quick ING for today.
It's called Ing
new ings...

watching... A programme about women in love with objects, eg A woman madly in love with the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall :/

listening to... Radio 1

eating... Chewing gum right now.

shooting... lots and lots of photos of all the swap things I've received recently

buying... Psychologies Magazine.

selling... I've got an electic drum machine that needs a new home if anyone's interested.

gossiping... with my pal who thinks she's discovered a fantastic new diet system.

completing... finished reading a book today sat in the sun.

wondering... how wonderful it's going to be climbing into bed tonight with it's lovely clean sheets.

Night all

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tag you're it.

Oh I haven't been tagged for ages but the lovely Kookie has tagged me so here goes.

1)What was I doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago gawd now I'll feel old. I was working for the North Wales Police as a Prosecutions Clerk. Me and him indoors had seperated at the beginning of the year so I was coping as a working single mum but had a great bunch of friends around me. That summer I went on a caravan holiday with my brother and his family (that was an experience) I also went to Warwick with big one and one of my work mates to house sit her sisters house. I got taken for a spin on the sister's boyfriend's motorbike which was scarey as there was nothing to hold onto except his skinnyness and my helmet was about 2 sized too small so I felt like my head was going to explode.
By the end of the year me and him indoors had got back together. Quite an interesting year all in all.

3)Snacks I enjoy
Snacks, well that all depends on my mood and the shape of the moon. LOL I do like cheese and crackers, crisps, fruit, cereal...all the usual suspects really.

4)Things I would do if I was a billionaire?
Give lots to charity, invest funds for the smalls so that they could start their adult lives without having to worry about student loans etc, and then with what was left I'd buy a small holding and have lots of animals..oh and someone to do all the work that I didn't have time for cos I'd be busy crafting or playing with my animals.

5)Places I have lived
North Wales and Scotland

6)Jobs I have had

* General dogsbody at a B+B.
* A paper round.
* Waitress in a hotel.
* Care assistant in a Nursing Home.
* Server at a Happy Eater.
* Various Bar jobs.
* Clerical Assistant in the DSS.
* Prosecution Clerk with the Police.
* Avon Lady
* Exam Invigilator.
* Adult Literacy Tutor.

7) Peeps I want to know more about:

Ok so today has been another attempt of trying to get this house into some sort of order...really I don't know why I bother though. Big one who has been away for a week didn't notice a difference but then the state her bedroom is in she's in no position to say anything really LOL
My skull swap and Nature swap partners have both received their packages and are happy with everything which as all swapper will know is a major relief. I popped to the post office today to mail out my Dr Who swap package and the PIF package to Miss Vicki :)
Then this evening after the usual taxi servicing I provide for the smalls I decided to rip apart the typewriter that I bought from the charity shop the other week for £2. That was fun and very very greasy. I took progress pics which I will share when I get chance to take them off the camera and if (that's a big IF) photobucket is playing nice.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

My baby is home

Big one has been away for a week far far away in France on her School French Exchange trip. She's had an amazing time by all accounts, bless her though she text me everyday and phoned home twice. Mind you I had to bite the inside of my mouth when she phoned the first time and I could hear her voice cracking on the verge of tears.
Now I have both my babies in their own beds and I've spent the week decluttering, crafting, reading and not sleeping and obviously NOT blogging. I'm amazed with all the lovely red dots I have on my map thingy from where people who have been over to visit me. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to come visit. It's always lovely to know that people are out there.
I'm afraid despite all the crafting I've done this week I've no photos to share because photobucket is being an arse and while it let me upload a few it then decided that it didn't want to play anymore. So I'll try again tomorrow. :/

Anyway I thought I'd out something fun that I've spotted over at Check her out she's awesome.

It's called Ing
new ings...

watching... Brothers and Sisters (not seen it for weeks so am a tadge confused)

listening to... My new Pigeon Detectives Cd.

eating... A nectine and an apple, look at me being all healthy. (I won't mention the cheese sandwich I had before hand)

shooting... lots and lots of pics of all my crafting adventures.

buying... had a bit of a splurge today and bought a dress for the 21st birthday party I'm going to on Saturday, 2 tops, 5 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of mock crocs, and an amazing pair of high heels to go with the said dress. Fortunately they were all from Matalan so it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

selling... nothing at the moment, still to scared to open me own etsy shop.

gossiping... no gossip but I have been listening to all that big one has been up to while away.

completing... 2 loads of washing from big one's suitcase

wondering... why I decided it was a good idea to clear out my baking cupboard right before cooking our evening meal. Everything is still all over the place but I'll deal with it tomorrow. ;)