Monday, 21 April 2008

I did it!

I actually sold something that I made. :D
At the sale on Saturday which was a complete wipe out to be honest - hardly any buyers turned up - anyway I sold 3 of my cards and have 2 commissions one for a baby vest and one for a t shirt. :)
Ok I have a lot of pics to share so I won't go on and on with words today.

Buckeyes that my Gnome swap partner gave me the recipe for. Actually really easy to make and one of those sweeties that you can't pig out on as you really don't need to if you know what I mean. :)

Melted crayons turn into rainbow crayons :D And yes the wax gets everywhere!

Shirt for a friend's birthday.

Shirt for myself.

All the beautiful things I received from my partner in the UK instant swap - a lovely wee Gribbit, a wee ravioli and a gorgeous journal covered in gnomey fabric with wee gnome pockets inside. Lovely lovely lovely!

And these are the gnome shortbread that the smalls decorated this weekend. I received the cutter from my partner in the Gnome swap, wee one wanted to cook so we made some shortbread and voila gnome goodness.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ooops I messed up the kitchen

Last night I melted a million crayons (ok slight exaggeration) to make some rainbow crayons. I'm doing a table top sale on Saturday in the local hall, yeah gonna get rid of some junk, and I thought it's about time this village had a chance to see some good old crafted stuff. Plus me and the smalls found loads of old crayons when we were having a clear out. I did take some pics but I can't find my cable at the moment. Yes the house is in chaos despite the major clear out! :/ I also was up far too late last night drawing some notecards. A lot of people seem to make handmade cards here but they won't have seen any like mine before ;)
If I can find time around the kids, work etc etc I'm hoping to rustle up a few other things. Here's hoping me and the smalls make enough to at least cover our table fee and maybe buy an ice cream afterwards :D

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Weird weather

Thursday and Friday were lovely sunny spring days, today it snowed, hailed and was very very windy :/ Crazy weather! Anyway as it wasn't a day for wandering around outside I spent the day trying to clear out some of the crap in our bedroom. With all the work that's been going on things have been constantly thrown into bags and into the back of cupboards so I spent the whole of this afternoon sorting through them and running my shredder hot and filling the recycling bag to the brim :) No craft but least I got something done today.
My gnome partner received her parcel today and seems very excited with it all, she's not posted pics on Craftster yet but here are my pics.

I stencilled 2 shirts, drew some gnome cards, knitted a gnomie stuffie, knitted the biggest gnome hat ever, seriously you'd have to have some big hair to fill it. I knit it without a pattern and I overestimated I guess still it looks cool on as it goes extra floppy being so big. I also made a big bead magnet, two pouches that I filled with some traditional scottish candy, a pair of earrings and a thimble. Oh and there was a bookmark and a garden ornament of 3 gnomes in some sort of crazy balancing act, unfortunately I forgot to get a good picture.

Shirt 1 with a wee gnome in gold

Shirt two that I stencilled mushrooms all around the bottom on both the front and the back

I seem to be getting braver with my knitting as I didn't use a pattern to create this guy either.

So that's me swapless. I only have to receive my UK Instant swap stuff and my partner in the Tim Burton swap is still to receive but I've no one to craft for. Well that's not true him indoors would really like a shirt stencilled as I've yet to make him one and of course I still have my hats to knit for the Save The Children Appeal. Oh and I still have the PIF to do, I really need to find the link I had for that. Ok it's a pay if forward thing which is where I will craft something for 'you' and include this great wee bag that gets passed along with each PIF and then who ever I craft for then has to find someone to send the PIF to. Man I really need that link. Right here's the deal, the first person to comment on this post will receive a wee something from me and so the game goes on. :D

Ok found the link but have forgotten how to post a link so here it is in full because I am useless :)

Friday, 4 April 2008

Sometimes the post is good

and today is one of those days. No my Tim Burton stuff still hasn't turned up but I received my Gnome package and my UK Swap partner received her stuff. So photo time.

My partner in the Gnome swap was AlternWidget and she is a very talented lady and she totally spoiled me.

She sent me two great stuffies, a book full of gnome photos, a cookie cutter in the shape of a gnome, a gorgeous tote bag, a wind chime, a wee gnome and two hair bobbles.

Here's Jack and Jolly checking out the natives.
Poor old Norris looks a bit shocked doesn't he? LOL

And here's the new wee guy having a nice chat with my bird.

As I said my partner in the UK Instant Swap received today. Monday I sent that package and I put on first class postage..honestly why bother. But at least it's there safe and sound and she loves everything and my nightmare didn't come true. I had picked the right theme, that being Stephen Fry. She said in her info that she liked Stephen Fry quite a bit and for some reason in my nightmare there was another Stephen Fry and not the one that I had used. But I did pick the right one and she loves her new tshirt and plans on wearing it to the beach tomorrow. :D
Ok pictures.

I made her two shirts well ok I stencilled two shirts, I drew some cards and I knitted a pair of Irish Hiking arm warmers. I've often looked at this pattern and thought oh they look lovely but with all that cable I've always been a bit scared of attempting them but I bit the bullet and decided to give a go and found it suprisingly easy. I hope she doesn't look too closely at them because there is a bit of a mistake on one of them but time was running out and I didn't fancy my chances of undoing just a wee bit of it and being able to pick up the stitches again. Ah well they look ok no?

Shirt 1
alt="" />

Shirt 2

I also sent her a Stephen Fry book that I'd had sitting here for ages waiting for me to read which was probably never going to happen and a roll of crochet yarn and a hook as she is wanting to learn how to crochet.

Today was crazy at work and I'm shattered so no knitting or crafting of any sort has been done this evening. I did however manage to label and up mark as released lots and lots of books that I've weeded off my bookshelves in a vain attempt of trying to tidy up the house. Only problem now is I have a huge box full of books that is so heavy I can't even lift it and it's sat in my hall waiting to be evicted from the house. A woman's work and all that..

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Pinch punch first day of the month.

So it's April already! God gawd where the hell is this year going? Seriously even my children are saying the year is going fast, surely that's not right.
Anyway I've been a busy little bee since my last post, crafting up a storm. I got my UK instant swap and my Gnome swap stuff sent out to my partners yesterday so I am now officially swapless. My package to my Tim Burton partner has still not turned up :( Here is what I sent maybe posting it here will put some good karma out into the universe and make the postman deliver it finally!

Oh yes I said I'd been crafting up a storm didn't I? Well get ready for more photo overload ;)

Birthday present for one of wee one's friends.

Shirts for nephews birthday

Stuffie for friend's daughter

Birthday presents for 2 of wee one's friend's

Oh am I'm on my 6th baby hat for the Save The Children appeal but I think that's enough pictures for anyone in one day ;)