Sunday, 6 April 2008

Weird weather

Thursday and Friday were lovely sunny spring days, today it snowed, hailed and was very very windy :/ Crazy weather! Anyway as it wasn't a day for wandering around outside I spent the day trying to clear out some of the crap in our bedroom. With all the work that's been going on things have been constantly thrown into bags and into the back of cupboards so I spent the whole of this afternoon sorting through them and running my shredder hot and filling the recycling bag to the brim :) No craft but least I got something done today.
My gnome partner received her parcel today and seems very excited with it all, she's not posted pics on Craftster yet but here are my pics.

I stencilled 2 shirts, drew some gnome cards, knitted a gnomie stuffie, knitted the biggest gnome hat ever, seriously you'd have to have some big hair to fill it. I knit it without a pattern and I overestimated I guess still it looks cool on as it goes extra floppy being so big. I also made a big bead magnet, two pouches that I filled with some traditional scottish candy, a pair of earrings and a thimble. Oh and there was a bookmark and a garden ornament of 3 gnomes in some sort of crazy balancing act, unfortunately I forgot to get a good picture.

Shirt 1 with a wee gnome in gold

Shirt two that I stencilled mushrooms all around the bottom on both the front and the back

I seem to be getting braver with my knitting as I didn't use a pattern to create this guy either.

So that's me swapless. I only have to receive my UK Instant swap stuff and my partner in the Tim Burton swap is still to receive but I've no one to craft for. Well that's not true him indoors would really like a shirt stencilled as I've yet to make him one and of course I still have my hats to knit for the Save The Children Appeal. Oh and I still have the PIF to do, I really need to find the link I had for that. Ok it's a pay if forward thing which is where I will craft something for 'you' and include this great wee bag that gets passed along with each PIF and then who ever I craft for then has to find someone to send the PIF to. Man I really need that link. Right here's the deal, the first person to comment on this post will receive a wee something from me and so the game goes on. :D

Ok found the link but have forgotten how to post a link so here it is in full because I am useless :)


Vicki said...

I'm loving all the craft goodies on your blog! Well done!

You've obviously been very busy whilst this crazy weather passes! We've had snow etc too here in the Midlands!

Taz said...

Woohoo we have a winner! :D
Vicki if you can comment here so I know you've got this then I will give you my email addy and you can send me your address and t shirt size and list of favourite things and I will stencil you up a shirt with the PIF ;)

Vicki said...

Oh wow! I have to confess I didnt even twig that I'd won and your email took me by surprise!! I'll come back later for your email addy then drop you a line... or you can email me at

So the idea is I use the bag you send to put a gift in the mail to somebody else? Is that right?! I love PIF's... sounds fun!

If you havent found the bookcrossing comp on my blog/forum feel free to join in! There are 2 chances of winning! I forget who's signed up and who hasnt!

Taz said...

Hello petal, I sent you an email explaining it all ;) Looking forward to hearing from you and cracking open my craft box :D

Vicki said...

The email didnt get to me :-( I hope it wasnt too long or you're able to resend easily!

I checked my spam section and it didnt make it into there, either. You must have caught me when gmail was having it's coffee break!

Taz said...
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Vicki said...

Email sent! *fingers crossed* it reaches you!