Friday, 4 April 2008

Sometimes the post is good

and today is one of those days. No my Tim Burton stuff still hasn't turned up but I received my Gnome package and my UK Swap partner received her stuff. So photo time.

My partner in the Gnome swap was AlternWidget and she is a very talented lady and she totally spoiled me.

She sent me two great stuffies, a book full of gnome photos, a cookie cutter in the shape of a gnome, a gorgeous tote bag, a wind chime, a wee gnome and two hair bobbles.

Here's Jack and Jolly checking out the natives.
Poor old Norris looks a bit shocked doesn't he? LOL

And here's the new wee guy having a nice chat with my bird.

As I said my partner in the UK Instant Swap received today. Monday I sent that package and I put on first class postage..honestly why bother. But at least it's there safe and sound and she loves everything and my nightmare didn't come true. I had picked the right theme, that being Stephen Fry. She said in her info that she liked Stephen Fry quite a bit and for some reason in my nightmare there was another Stephen Fry and not the one that I had used. But I did pick the right one and she loves her new tshirt and plans on wearing it to the beach tomorrow. :D
Ok pictures.

I made her two shirts well ok I stencilled two shirts, I drew some cards and I knitted a pair of Irish Hiking arm warmers. I've often looked at this pattern and thought oh they look lovely but with all that cable I've always been a bit scared of attempting them but I bit the bullet and decided to give a go and found it suprisingly easy. I hope she doesn't look too closely at them because there is a bit of a mistake on one of them but time was running out and I didn't fancy my chances of undoing just a wee bit of it and being able to pick up the stitches again. Ah well they look ok no?

Shirt 1
alt="" />

Shirt 2

I also sent her a Stephen Fry book that I'd had sitting here for ages waiting for me to read which was probably never going to happen and a roll of crochet yarn and a hook as she is wanting to learn how to crochet.

Today was crazy at work and I'm shattered so no knitting or crafting of any sort has been done this evening. I did however manage to label and up mark as released lots and lots of books that I've weeded off my bookshelves in a vain attempt of trying to tidy up the house. Only problem now is I have a huge box full of books that is so heavy I can't even lift it and it's sat in my hall waiting to be evicted from the house. A woman's work and all that..

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