Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Pinch punch first day of the month.

So it's April already! God gawd where the hell is this year going? Seriously even my children are saying the year is going fast, surely that's not right.
Anyway I've been a busy little bee since my last post, crafting up a storm. I got my UK instant swap and my Gnome swap stuff sent out to my partners yesterday so I am now officially swapless. My package to my Tim Burton partner has still not turned up :( Here is what I sent maybe posting it here will put some good karma out into the universe and make the postman deliver it finally!

Oh yes I said I'd been crafting up a storm didn't I? Well get ready for more photo overload ;)

Birthday present for one of wee one's friends.

Shirts for nephews birthday

Stuffie for friend's daughter

Birthday presents for 2 of wee one's friend's

Oh am I'm on my 6th baby hat for the Save The Children appeal but I think that's enough pictures for anyone in one day ;)


Kookie said...

LOVE the Tim Burton stuff!! : ) It's a git when things go astray isn't it?! I have my fingers crossed that they'll be delivered soon.

Taz said...

Thanks hon, yep it's so frustrating. The organiser said we'll give it another couple of weeks then she'll get an angel for her but I feel terrible and that I should make her more stuff myself.