Thursday, 27 March 2008

What did we do today?

Well I got taken out for lunch by my beautiful small people courtesy of my mother. Mum sent money up to the girls to take us all out for lunch as an Easter treat so that was nice. :)
Craftwise...well what else do I ever talk about?
Today was another knit day.
Wee one has been invited to a party on Saturday and as funds are low and I have no time to go shopping (which involves a 24 mile round trip to get to any half decent shops) so I went through my stast and found some fancy yarn and thought hmmmm I know I'll knit a bag. So this is what I did this afternoon.

Just a simple wee bag with a hello kitty button to close it up. I'm putting lots of sweeties inside. Big one assures me this is a great present so I guess I need to stop worrying that it's no enough, a handmade bag would be expensive in a posh shop no? LOL

This evening I knitted my first ever baby hat. I was watching the Paul O'Grady show last night while cooking a meal for the smalls and he was doing an appeal on behalf of Save The Children for baby hats. Apparently 2 million children die from pnuemonia a year and the simple act of putting a hat on a newborn can help prevent them getting hypothermia which can result in pnuemonia.
This is it....

It's a lovely gold coloured wool that doesn't really show up so well in the photo. They ask that no all-white hats are made as white is a symbol of death in a number of cultures in Africa and Asia. Seems like a great reason to sort out my random wee balls of wool. ;)

Craftster wise I received the most wonderful package from CayceeMae yesterday.
My very own Sally doll, I think the smalls were hoping I was going to hand her over but no way she's proudly sat on my bed. She's a poppet minus the ears, I'm so excited I've been lusting after a poppet for ages.

I also received this beautiful pencil box

And look who were hiding inside...

Beetlejuice and Lydia.

I wish my package to Caycee would hurry already and arrive with her, if it's lost in the post I'll cry. :(

Got to get my Gnome swap in the post this weekend. Work on another birthday present as wee one has been invited to yet another party and get the other ***** done for my UK instant swap partner, oh and crack open the freezer paper and paints ;)

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