Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Another share in the Royal Mail

Well that's my Octopus/Squid package handed over to the post office today. I enjoyed making the things for this swap as I got to stretch my ablities and I learnt a couple of new tricks, knitting I-cords being one. So easy really you'd think I would have attempted it before but hey at least I've cracked it now ;)
So now I only have the one swap left to finish off (The Gnome Swap) and I am technically already over the requirements of what to send...pretty normal for me really. I guess I should get it all packed up and sent off before I end up with a parcel that will cost me a small fortune to send. The send out date isn't until the end of the month but if I send now then my partner won't have to wait till the middle of April to get it all. Hmmm.

I can now show you the lovely things I received from Krandui in the Panda Swap. I was in a three way swap, Krandui sent to me, I'm sending to Panda and Panda is sending to Krandui. So these are the lovelies I received...

A lovely painted picture of a panda, an origami panda, a panda coloured necklace, some gorgeous wee panda magnets, some panda stickers, a wee handbag sized calendar, a panda coloured button and an owl charm and the cutest wee panda purse.

I also received this little lot of goodies from a personal swap with CraftADDChick, a gorgeous book full of animals...great for stencils, a crochet snail, some cute wee cross stitch kits for big one (who had cross stitch an owl for CraftADDChick) and lots and lots of kool aid. I really must learn to make this stuff to drink it one of these days.

Check out this fantastic snail. I have now christened him Brian as he reminds me of the Magic Roundabout from when I was wee.

While I in a picture sharing mood I've just realised that I never posted the stuff I sent to Kookaloo in our Buy Nothing Swap.

I know I get crazy swap anxiety but I really do love these swaps :D

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