Saturday, 22 March 2008

Face painting ruins your hands

Good job I'm not one of those ladies who lives for her manicures LOL After work today I spent 2 hours painting small peoples faces. A few of my friends (with younger sprogs than mine) are currently trying to raise funds to have a new play park built in the village so there are lots of fund raising events. Today's was an Easter Extravaganza there was an Easter Egg Hunt, stalls, an Easter Bonnet Competition and face painting. Hence how I spent 2 hours shut in a room with a constant stream of small people wanted to be made into spiderman, a butterfly, a scarey lion, a pig, an Easter bunny....on and on. :D I'd actually forgotten how much I enjoy face painting, I used to do it all the time when wee one was younger. Yes I was the mad mother that everyone invited 'oh and could you bring your face paints?' to get togethers and fund raisers. Oh yeah that's still me!

Good news my friend is arriving tomorrow for her visit with us. She phoned me from Edinburgh this evening while out on a single malt trail with her pal, thankfully they decided to ring me before they'd had too many. :) So that will be me offline for a couple of days while I entertain Thank gawd I made myself do an emergency tidy up yesterday, I even scrubbed the bathroom tonight.

Bad news the weather is horrible, blowing a gale, freezing cold and snowing on and off sideways and this weekend there will be 4 bored children in one house. If I survive I'll see you after the weekend.

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