Friday, 24 October 2008

Tense nervous headache?

No but I do have a very sore neck, sore wrists, sore shoulders and dry chapped cracked hands. I've been painting bedrooms, tidying up mess, working and I started putting big one's bed together tonight but had to stop as I'm just too darn tired.

Work again tomorrow and then my baby will be home. My youngest small person has been away for a wee holiday to London with her Nan. She's rang home pretty much every night and I'm looking forward to one of her great big huggles tomorrow.

So I guess the best place for me right now is bed so night night.

Photos are from our family holiday to Disney last year.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Bit of a mad house

here (as usual) so hence why there's been no posting. Wee one is off to London in the morning with my Mother for a wee holiday so I'm hoping by the time they get back things will be a bit less hectic and messy :)

Ings for today

watching... Stephen Fry in America.

listening to... The Kings of Leon new CD Only By The Night.

eating... homemade spag bol.

shooting... for the stars.

buying... A new cd and some gorgeous new shoes.

selling... some of my bags when I get time to make some.

gossiping... with friends about something that cannot be spoken of.

completing... packing wee one's bag for her holidayh.

wondering... where all my interesting photos have disappeared to.

Did I ever tell you about the adventure I had turning this

into this

Ah well now there's a story for another day ;)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Even in sickness we craft

Wee one is a bit better today, well that is she's not upchucked today. Her belly is really sore though and she's barely eaten. But despite all that she grabbed one of her craft books today and told me what she wanted to make and then she made me this.

Isn't it sweet? Bless her.

Big one and I spent some time today sorting out some of her stuff. Despite the fact that I was ready to cry once she'd filled the washing basket to overflowing after I'd just got it almost empty we did get a lot of stuff sorted. It's amazing how easily she can now part with stuff that not so long ago she couldn't bear to be without. But there's a big black bag full of things ready for the next charity shop drop. And look what I found in a box stuffed at the back of her wardrobe.

My old playmobile people. The doctor, the nurse and the stretcher bearer (no I have no idea why the nurse looks like she's wearing a tiara and the stretcher bearer a crown) unfortunately the stretcher wasn't with them but I remember the hours of fun I had with those three little people. Well there were no playstations, xboxes, DS lites etc in those days! LOL

Saturday was wee one's birthday party. She had it in the local puppet shop and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.
This was her birthday cake that my friend from work made.

There was lots of dancing

And they got to put on their own shows.

Hey do you like the results of wee one's school project on the body? He has pride of place on my kitchen wall. I think he needs a name.

Have you ever seen a happier skeleton?

As well as helping big one get her room sorted I also decided to give the craft/computer/music room a tidy up. I bought some cardboard boxes from the local Lidl the other day so hopefully I'll stay a bit more organised. Now if I can just persuade the rest of the clan to do their bit around the rest of the house. Actually I'm impressed with myself, somedays I think I've done well if I've gotten the dishes washed but today I've cared for poorly wee one, crafted with her, helped big one with her room, sorted (some) of the multi-purpose room, done 4 loads of clothes washing, phoned the fridge/freezer people, left a message with the fireplace man AND washed the dishes.

I'll leave you now with the sky here at 6 o'clock this evening. I love full moons.

And as I have no fireplace yet this is my effort of making it a little more cosy.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Saturday night in.

Wee one's party was a success more on that later. Why am I still up now? Because wee one has spent the last couple of hours throwing up. :( I don't know if it's a case off too much excitement and too much sugar or if it's a bug. I guess the morning will tell. Anyway in the meantime...

I am: worried about wee one. But I was tempted to burst into song there with I am what I am. I am my own special creation

I think: too much.

I know: that the party was success,lots of happy kids went home today.

I have: a feeling I won't be getting much sleep.

I wish: for a tidy house but the housework fairy seems to be on strike.

I hate: hate is a strong word.

I miss: my Daddy

I fear: anything bad happening to my small people.

I hear: big one just getting up to go to the bathroom, hopefully she's not feeling ill too.

I smell: cleaning products.

I crave: sleep.

I search: for things all the time.

I wonder: if wee one's going to be better in the morning.

I regret: too many things.

I love: My beautiful children and him indoors.

I ache: all over, there was a lot of jumping around done at the party today.

I am not: alone even if I do feel like it sometimes.

I believe: that dreams can be turned into reality.

I dance: usually in the kitchen, me and the smalls have regular crazy dance sessions as we're waiting on things cooking.

I sing: lots but often wonder how do I only know the words when the song is playing but don't know them when it's not. :/

I cry: sometimes too much and sometimes too little.

I fight: to keep life to the normal standard that those I love are used to.

I win: if I'm lucky.

I lose: things all the time, I put something down and then it's gone, then it turns up in the strangest place.

I never: eat peas, disgusting green things. This is due to childhood trauma when I was constantly made to eat the bloody things.

I always: stay up too late.

I confuse: myself, on a daily basis.

I listen: music, music, music as much as I can.

I can usually be found: around ;)

I am scared: clowns...don't laugh!

I need: a warm drink it's cold sitting here.

I am happy about: plans.

I imagine: again with the wanting to burst into song but seriously I imagine a house that's not like a building site, kids bedrooms that are kept tidy and a nice new practical kitchen.

All's quiet so I'm going to try get some shut eye now. Night night.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well I had my interview this morning and it seemed to go really well. I was the first interviewee and the Rector informed me that there had been a high number of applicants for the posts. Everything seemed to go well but as you can see from my post title I didn't get the job. He phoned me this evening to say that they'd decided to give the jobs (there were 2 posts available) to 2 applicants who are already working as SFL Auxilarys BUT I interviewed very well, I had obviously put a lot of thought into my interview (no I hadn't) and that without a shadow of a doubt they knew that they would have been happy to have me working alongside them. But still no job. Ah well I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I can understand that it is easier for them to employ people who are already trained to do the job but if the reason I didn't get the job is because I don't have the experience/training then how am I going to get it if I don't get the job :/

Anyway tomorrow (saturday) is wee one's birthday day part at the local puppet shop and I've party bags and party food to organise in the morning so I best be off to my bed. Was out tonight saying bye to my friend I mentioned yesterday who is off to Afghanistan but came home very early for me as I'm exhausted and really didn't fancy the idea of being out too late drinking too much and then having to cope with a room full of 8 year olds tomorrow :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nerves and picture overload

The nerves are because I have my interview tomorrow and I am soooo tired because I'm not sleeping again. My brain is not reknowned for being at its best when I'm this tired so I'll probably come across as a bumbling idiot tomorrow. :/

Anyway I've been a bit lax with putting any pictures on my blog for a while so here goes.

A teapot cosy that I made for my OYP Halloween swap. My first teapot cosy :D

A wee pincushion for the same's he a cutey?

My new coat I know a certain lady will like this as it is her favourite colour ;)
Isn't it gorgeous? There's a new shop opened in the village and it totally stocks the kind of things that I like and that the Stepford Mums will run screaming from LMAO

I've been doing lots of painting and sanding lately and I thought I'd share with you one wee project that I did with a tin of blackboard paint and some pictures that no longer have a home.

So looks like I'm up for a busy weekend, tomorrow is interview, work and then out to see off a friend who is deploying off to Afghanistan. So I'll be asking for ideas for care packages soon so get your thinking caps on please.

Saturday is wee one's birthday party after which she's got 2 friends coming home with us for a sleep over. Did I mention that I'm not sleeping, well I guess I won't be getting much of it this weekend anyway :D

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Happy Birthday my wee one

8 years old today. Good grief the years have flown by, it doesn't seem to long ago that I held in my arms for the first time and big one was beside herself with joy that she had a baby sister.
I haven't been online so much as I've been up to my armpits in paint (well not literally but my hands have had the odd splatter her and there) The living room is painted and today I got wee one's room painted and the bunk bed moved through to her room. Tonight my girls are sharing a room because the next room getting blitzed is big one's. Oh and I've got wee one's party at the weekend so party food and party bags need sorting.
Oh and guess what! I've got an interview on Friday for the SFL job....ahhh!!!