Monday, 13 October 2008

Even in sickness we craft

Wee one is a bit better today, well that is she's not upchucked today. Her belly is really sore though and she's barely eaten. But despite all that she grabbed one of her craft books today and told me what she wanted to make and then she made me this.

Isn't it sweet? Bless her.

Big one and I spent some time today sorting out some of her stuff. Despite the fact that I was ready to cry once she'd filled the washing basket to overflowing after I'd just got it almost empty we did get a lot of stuff sorted. It's amazing how easily she can now part with stuff that not so long ago she couldn't bear to be without. But there's a big black bag full of things ready for the next charity shop drop. And look what I found in a box stuffed at the back of her wardrobe.

My old playmobile people. The doctor, the nurse and the stretcher bearer (no I have no idea why the nurse looks like she's wearing a tiara and the stretcher bearer a crown) unfortunately the stretcher wasn't with them but I remember the hours of fun I had with those three little people. Well there were no playstations, xboxes, DS lites etc in those days! LOL

Saturday was wee one's birthday party. She had it in the local puppet shop and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.
This was her birthday cake that my friend from work made.

There was lots of dancing

And they got to put on their own shows.

Hey do you like the results of wee one's school project on the body? He has pride of place on my kitchen wall. I think he needs a name.

Have you ever seen a happier skeleton?

As well as helping big one get her room sorted I also decided to give the craft/computer/music room a tidy up. I bought some cardboard boxes from the local Lidl the other day so hopefully I'll stay a bit more organised. Now if I can just persuade the rest of the clan to do their bit around the rest of the house. Actually I'm impressed with myself, somedays I think I've done well if I've gotten the dishes washed but today I've cared for poorly wee one, crafted with her, helped big one with her room, sorted (some) of the multi-purpose room, done 4 loads of clothes washing, phoned the fridge/freezer people, left a message with the fireplace man AND washed the dishes.

I'll leave you now with the sky here at 6 o'clock this evening. I love full moons.

And as I have no fireplace yet this is my effort of making it a little more cosy.

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