Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Happy Birthday my wee one

8 years old today. Good grief the years have flown by, it doesn't seem to long ago that I held in my arms for the first time and big one was beside herself with joy that she had a baby sister.
I haven't been online so much as I've been up to my armpits in paint (well not literally but my hands have had the odd splatter her and there) The living room is painted and today I got wee one's room painted and the bunk bed moved through to her room. Tonight my girls are sharing a room because the next room getting blitzed is big one's. Oh and I've got wee one's party at the weekend so party food and party bags need sorting.
Oh and guess what! I've got an interview on Friday for the SFL job....ahhh!!!

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Kookie said...

A very happy birthday to your "wee one" xxxxx