Wednesday, 20 June 2007


You will receive a body
You may like it or hate it,
But it’s yours to keep
For the entire period.

You will learn lessons.
You are enrolled in a full-time
Informal school called life.
There are no mistakes, only lessons.
Growth is a process of trial, error
And experimentation.
The “failed” experiments are as much
A part of the process as the experiments
That ultimately “work”.

Lessons are repeated until they are learned.
A lesson will be presented to you in various forms
Until you have learned it.
When you have learned it,
You can go on to the next lesson.

Learning lessons does not end.
There is no part of life that doesn’t
Contain it’s lessons.
If you’re alive
There are still lessons to be learned.

“There” is not better than “here”.
Whey your “there” has become “here”
You will simply obtain another “there”
That will again look better than “here”.

Other people are merely mirrors of you.
You can not love or hate something
About another person unless it reflects to you
Something you love or hate about yourself.

What you make of your life is up to you.
You have all the tools and resources you need.
What you do with them is up to you.
The choice is yours.

By: Dr.Cherie Carter-Scott.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wonderful wednesdays

I spotted the postie doing her rounds this morning from my bedroom window and when I saw her reaching into her bag as she crossed the road to my front door then ringing the bell I fair bounded down the stairs.
Here it all is in it's splendidness.

My lovely partner KathleenAlice made me this sweet little guy who she said I can either have as a wee friend or use as a pin cushion. How could I stick pins into him?

Then there is this little fella. Who is for popping on the end of knitting needles to stop my knitting falling off.

Then oh the pleasure just didn't stop :) There is this absolutely fantastic Owl hat and scarf. The eyes of the owl on the scarf are googly eyes, how much fun are they going to be to wear come winter. I almost wish it was cold enough to warrant wearing them right now.

KathleenAlice has her own label/website where she makes the most amazing clothes and things and she made me this cute wee top covered in owls. I'm off to Florida next month so I suspect this top will be appearing in a lot of my holiday snaps ;)

And last but not least these gorgeous wee earrings. I forsee me falling out with big one when they find themselves in her jewelry box on a regular basis :p

Aren't I a lucky girl?

The power of old friendships

A few years ago I moved away from the place where I had grown up, where my family still live, where the people who have been my friends for a very long time and probably know me better than I know myself still live. I now live somewhere where I have made a handful of friends, somewhere where no one really knows me at all. Now don't get me wrong sometimes that has major advantages but after spending an evening on the phone with two of my oldest friends, laughing good dirty belly laughs, debating all aspects of the current events in our lives, reminiscing over crazy things we've done and the crazy things we'll probably do this summer when we get to meet up, I'm glad that no matter where I am in the world I know there will always be someone who cares

Monday, 11 June 2007

The big sleep

I need one, I want one and damn I deserve one.
Wednesday night I was ill, not much sleep was had and then I had work (yes I know a sensible person would phone in sick...I'm not sensible) I did however come home from work, fall into bed and cuddle my children until I drifted off to sleep. After a good nights sleep I felt remarkably human again but then.
Friday I ended my shift at work and managed to allow myself to be persuaded to stay for a drink or two. Several hours and several pints later oh and lets not forget an appearance on the karioke machine I went home. But now that's not enough is it? Saturday night we actually had a babysitter organised (trust me these are like gold dust round these here parts) so me and him indoors went out for a meal and a few drinks. We didn't get home late but him indoors suggested we watch a film, so after spending forever trying to decide on one we both wanted to watch we finally settled on 300. Can I just say...PHWOAR!!!!!!! I really, really will have to watch this film again once him indoors has gone away back to work so that I can properly appreciate those bodies and over use my dvd's pause button :D I want to watch the 1962 version to but I'm guessing the Spartans might not be so buff in that version ;)
So I've been away from my computer for days and days and have fallen way behind on my emails (sorry to anyone I owe one to) my posts, my blog and I have done no crafting at all. Tomorrow morning I have a review meeting with my student I haven't got my papers together yet oops. I'm working again tomorrow night at the pub but Monday nights are usually a nice quiet night. Did I say that out loud? Now I'll have jinxed myself.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Big smile Tuesday

Well today was a pretty good day all in all. Firstly I got up and went to the gym with my friend, that's 3 weeks in a go that we've stuck to our arranged exercise day.
Then once back home again I got a phone call from my friend L who I sent the dishcloth and bright pink stuffie owl to for her birthday. She got them today and she loves them. She totally appreciates how much love and effort was put into her personal present. Bless her.
Then I got online and saw that my Craftster swap partner AmaZing had received her Owl Swap Round 4 parcel that I sent only yesterday. Yay for the post office! And... she absolutely loves my stuff. I'm so happy. I was so nervous that it was all going to go terribly wrong but she loves it all. :D
Then (it just doesn't stop does it?) I got an email from KA who is sending me my Owl Swap package, that she was going to post it today. Woohoo can we say I'm very excited?
So now here come the pics

This is everything all wrapped up and ready to go into the post.

AmaZing showed me a shirt that she liked on the Craftster board that had been done by Tanza so I contacted her and she very kindly forwarded me the image which she had originally got from devilninny. So thank you and all credit to those 2 ladies. :)

This is a knitted purse that I lined with felt and added the big eyes, ears, beak and filled with some traditional Scottish sweeties and these cute wee buttons.

This is the first felt stuffie that I've made probably since I was in primary school and also the first time I'm ventured into the world of sequins. I'm still finding them lurking around the house, it's amazing how they get everywhere!

Back view

These are some notecards that I stencilled. My favourite is the big hairy one with a glint of mischief in his eye.

Big one was so excited about my finally signing up to a swap that she wanted to get involved so she did this cross stitch of a baby owl. He's so cute that she's already been told that her wee sister and me both want our own :)

So that's it, I have finally ventured into the world of swaps properly and thankfully it's been a great start :)

Now I just have to sit and wait for my parcel...oh and check out what swaps I can sign up for next ;)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Swappers Anxiety

I posted my Owl Swap stuff today and I've got butterflies the size of belfry bats thumping around in my innards. Does everyone else get this nervous?
I'm not going to post any pics here just incase I spoil the surprise ;) but I will once I know she's received it all.
What I can post however is the things I put together for a friend's birthday. She's currently all the way down in England far far away from home so I thought what better to let her know she's loved that some Tazzy craft LOL

The dishcloth has a wee dragonfly on it because even when we do the most mundane of tasks it's still nice to have something pretty around. Not so sure you can really see the image too well in these shots.

And the stuffie? Well while I've been on such an Owl craft binge my brain just automatically thought hey do an Owl. At least it turned out quite cute and she is a clever lady so hopefully she'll like that reference.

Oh and surprise surprise another shirt. This one was for wee one. We went to see POTC 3, it's just a shame I didn't see this stencil before seeing the movie but hey wee one loves it so at least she can now run around the garden pretending to be a real pirate :D

I do have more shirts but as 2 of them have the same design as one that is included in the Owl Swap I'll not post any of them just now ;)

Saturday, 2 June 2007

You can't teach old dogs new tricks

For a second time I in my infinite wisdom decided to stay for a pint after work last night. I finished at 6pm and I had money behind the bar for one drink. Simple I thought 1 pint, a quick blether and then I'm away home....
I got home at 11.30pm :o Oooops This is the second time I've stayed for one drink and ended up staying out far too late hence the title of the post :D
On a good note though I woke up this morning with no hangover and I got to go to wee one's school Enterprise day. They've been busy for weeks making things to sell to raise funds to buy playground equipment. So I came away with a cool caterpillar bookmark, a pencil with a cool sheep topper, a marigold plant, a bag of malteaser tray bake and some books. Wee one came home with armfuls of stuff she'd bought herself LOL
Got my friend's birthday present all finished wrapped and will post it tomorrow after spending this evening making a card with big one. Pictures to follow ;)
Need to parcel up my Owl stuff for my Craftster swap and that'll be me up to date with my post.
I'm next in line for bumbershootska PIF so I'm excited about that.
Ok it's 2am and I've got to go shopping for birthday presents for 7 year old male twins tomorrow for a party that's on tomorrow that wee one has only just brought home the invite for! Aaahhh!