Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Big smile Tuesday

Well today was a pretty good day all in all. Firstly I got up and went to the gym with my friend, that's 3 weeks in a go that we've stuck to our arranged exercise day.
Then once back home again I got a phone call from my friend L who I sent the dishcloth and bright pink stuffie owl to for her birthday. She got them today and she loves them. She totally appreciates how much love and effort was put into her personal present. Bless her.
Then I got online and saw that my Craftster swap partner AmaZing had received her Owl Swap Round 4 parcel that I sent only yesterday. Yay for the post office! And... she absolutely loves my stuff. I'm so happy. I was so nervous that it was all going to go terribly wrong but she loves it all. :D
Then (it just doesn't stop does it?) I got an email from KA who is sending me my Owl Swap package, that she was going to post it today. Woohoo can we say I'm very excited?
So now here come the pics

This is everything all wrapped up and ready to go into the post.

AmaZing showed me a shirt that she liked on the Craftster board that had been done by Tanza so I contacted her and she very kindly forwarded me the image which she had originally got from devilninny. So thank you and all credit to those 2 ladies. :)

This is a knitted purse that I lined with felt and added the big eyes, ears, beak and filled with some traditional Scottish sweeties and these cute wee buttons.

This is the first felt stuffie that I've made probably since I was in primary school and also the first time I'm ventured into the world of sequins. I'm still finding them lurking around the house, it's amazing how they get everywhere!

Back view

These are some notecards that I stencilled. My favourite is the big hairy one with a glint of mischief in his eye.

Big one was so excited about my finally signing up to a swap that she wanted to get involved so she did this cross stitch of a baby owl. He's so cute that she's already been told that her wee sister and me both want our own :)

So that's it, I have finally ventured into the world of swaps properly and thankfully it's been a great start :)

Now I just have to sit and wait for my parcel...oh and check out what swaps I can sign up for next ;)


Sara said...

Congratulations! Fabulous job on your first swap. I think anyone would be very happy to receive your gifts (I know I would!)

Rebecca said...

Y^our owl stuffies are so cute! I love the bright colors and the sequins. Did you sew them by hand? Are they felt? They really are adorable. You did great for your first swap! Have you thought about joining our swap at Sweet Goodness? Visit my blog for details. :)

Oh and I know you tagged me for a challenge, I promise I haven't forgotten!

Bumbershootska said...

Amazing work! I love the shirt and stuffie - they are sooooo cute! What did you use for the stencil? Freezer paper?
Aren't sequins 'fun'? Yeah, right! You did an excellent job, my dear - I'll bet that she's thrilled to have all that owl-ly goodness!

zombiecazz said...

Isn't it great to have that first swap under your belt!!
Love your stuff. What paint did you use for the stencil?

Here's a link to my first swap items. My swap partner was leafy_lane
Dragon Swap Gallery

Taz said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :D
Thanks Sara ;)

Yes Rebecca all my stuffies are hand sewn every single one of those sequins, every stitch :) I have ventured over to your Sweet Goodness swaps but don't think I am anywhere near good enough to join in. I sufferred horrendous swap anxiety with this one LOL

Bumbershootska - I printed the image onto contact paper and cut the image out that way. Makes for clearer lines. I'm definately bulk buying freezer paper when I come over to the States next month though :)

Zombiecazz- Thanks and I used acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. Seems to work just fine so far. Your dragon stuff is amazing (I had a quick peek over at Crafter) Wow!