Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wonderful wednesdays

I spotted the postie doing her rounds this morning from my bedroom window and when I saw her reaching into her bag as she crossed the road to my front door then ringing the bell I fair bounded down the stairs.
Here it all is in it's splendidness.

My lovely partner KathleenAlice made me this sweet little guy who she said I can either have as a wee friend or use as a pin cushion. How could I stick pins into him?

Then there is this little fella. Who is for popping on the end of knitting needles to stop my knitting falling off.

Then oh the pleasure just didn't stop :) There is this absolutely fantastic Owl hat and scarf. The eyes of the owl on the scarf are googly eyes, how much fun are they going to be to wear come winter. I almost wish it was cold enough to warrant wearing them right now.

KathleenAlice has her own label/website where she makes the most amazing clothes and things and she made me this cute wee top covered in owls. I'm off to Florida next month so I suspect this top will be appearing in a lot of my holiday snaps ;)

And last but not least these gorgeous wee earrings. I forsee me falling out with big one when they find themselves in her jewelry box on a regular basis :p

Aren't I a lucky girl?


zombiecazz said...

Lucky you.
Love the stuff you got. What are the arrings made from?

Taz said...

Yes I am a very lucky happy girl :)
The earrings are made from white plastic charm/beads. They are so cute.