Saturday, 2 June 2007

You can't teach old dogs new tricks

For a second time I in my infinite wisdom decided to stay for a pint after work last night. I finished at 6pm and I had money behind the bar for one drink. Simple I thought 1 pint, a quick blether and then I'm away home....
I got home at 11.30pm :o Oooops This is the second time I've stayed for one drink and ended up staying out far too late hence the title of the post :D
On a good note though I woke up this morning with no hangover and I got to go to wee one's school Enterprise day. They've been busy for weeks making things to sell to raise funds to buy playground equipment. So I came away with a cool caterpillar bookmark, a pencil with a cool sheep topper, a marigold plant, a bag of malteaser tray bake and some books. Wee one came home with armfuls of stuff she'd bought herself LOL
Got my friend's birthday present all finished wrapped and will post it tomorrow after spending this evening making a card with big one. Pictures to follow ;)
Need to parcel up my Owl stuff for my Craftster swap and that'll be me up to date with my post.
I'm next in line for bumbershootska PIF so I'm excited about that.
Ok it's 2am and I've got to go shopping for birthday presents for 7 year old male twins tomorrow for a party that's on tomorrow that wee one has only just brought home the invite for! Aaahhh!


zombiecazz said...

Looking forward to seeing your owl swap items. I just sent out my first swap items. It was a dragon theme. I'm dead excited about my package arriving and I have my fingers crossed that my partner likes the stuff I sent her.

Taz said...

Thanks hon I'm excited and nervous all bundled up into one ball of aaahh! :D I posted it this morning so fingers crossed she likes it all. I'll post pics here once she's received. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing your dragon stuff, I bet it's great.