Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I need more hours in the day

but I also need more sleep. Hmm don't think I'm going to win on either of those fronts anytime soon. Crafting seems to have gone out of the window lately, been too busy trying to tidy things up around the house and daily nudge the smalls into tidying their rooms. At least there has been some progress on that, wee one could actually get into her bed tonight as she finally put the boxes back under her bed! Big one's room...well what can I say she's a teenager, she spends most of the day in her bed and most of my plates, bowls, glasses are languishing up there and it is rumoured that there is a floor in that room...somewhere!

After months of waiting and constant phone calls the engineer arrived to day (all the previous is not actually his fault) and guess what oh joy of flippin' joys the company hadn't sent out the right part to fix the fridge/freezer that we reported 2 months ago!! Honestly if I had the strength I would have cried, bless him the engineer who has been here a few times now obviously felt sorry for me as he said he'd ring the company direct and sort it out and get back to me. So just for future reference so that anyone else can avoid all the hassle we've had to endure and are still enduring. Do NOT buy a fridge/freezer from Currys!

On a brighter note I've been doing a lot of reading lately, hmm maybe that explains the lack of crafting and the lack of crafting explains the slump in my mood.
Ah well got a week off work next week so fingers crossed things can only get better.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Yep the topic of today's show is how the HELL have I managed to survive the last few weeks, well more importantly the last week. The 17th brought about 4 years since my Dad died so after spending all day working with a sore back I decided to stay out for a 'Here's to your memory Dad' drink after work..... I got home at about 4am the next morning after spending all night in the pub and then getting invited back to a customers for her birthday celebrations. :o On a plus note I did win the Breweries Mystery Drinker thingy, he came in asked for a pint, asked where the toilets were, came back had a quick chat then told me who he was and presented me with a £20 HMV voucher. Cool!
So Friday was a long day after hardly any sleep but despite serving up 54 meals and pouring gawd knows how many drinks I made it through. Friday night was a sitting down with the smalls watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the tv. Saturday was Gala day in our village, wee one won second prize for the decorate your bike competition but that was only due to the fact that she was the only other person who turned up on their bike. The girl who won was the only one who decorated a bike :)
So Saturday night was our Gala Dance night, big marquee in the local park, live band, lots of people, lots of mud, lots of alcohol, I spent one part of the night using one hand to keep someone's hand up in the air as it was bleeding heavily and the other hand keeping him pinned to the spot to stop him staggering off and not getting his hand sorted. It all sounds so cultured and refined doesn't it?
It was a really good night, apart from having a very stiff neck from headbanging at some point in the evening, and I'm glad that with medication, good friends and a smidgen of alcohol I survived!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

All it took was a quick poke

from the lovely Karan and I realised how long it's been since I poked my head up from my wee tunnel and peeked out at the world.
Life's been hectic, him indoors has been home for weeks and he's been busy knocking down walls and generally causing chaos, no not really but we have been fair busy.
I've been pulling a few extra shifts at work - it would seem at the cost of buggering up my back but the show much go on. :)
The smalls are off school for the summer now so there's been no time for crafting, chilling or even much online time.

New ings...

watching... a programme about an 11 year old girl who has the pushiest Mother on the planet! And I'm sorry but Kiddie Beauty Pageant's are kinda freaky!

listening to... the sounds of kids all day.

eating... Had baked mushrooms for my tea.

shooting... last lot of pics I took was of some drunked friends at the weekend.

buying... A home magazine to get some ideas and (more importantly) the new Ikea Catalogue.

selling... had someone ask about a bag I was using at the weekend and they were interesting in buying something custom made.

gossiping... no gossiping today.

completing... quite a few books lately, been without tv and computer and craft stuff.

wondering... how I'm going to manage to work tomorrow if my back is still bad.

Ok I'm going to bed now so I can be up in time to take my small people up to the park tomorrow so they run around and get all grubby! ;)