Monday, 21 July 2008


Yep the topic of today's show is how the HELL have I managed to survive the last few weeks, well more importantly the last week. The 17th brought about 4 years since my Dad died so after spending all day working with a sore back I decided to stay out for a 'Here's to your memory Dad' drink after work..... I got home at about 4am the next morning after spending all night in the pub and then getting invited back to a customers for her birthday celebrations. :o On a plus note I did win the Breweries Mystery Drinker thingy, he came in asked for a pint, asked where the toilets were, came back had a quick chat then told me who he was and presented me with a £20 HMV voucher. Cool!
So Friday was a long day after hardly any sleep but despite serving up 54 meals and pouring gawd knows how many drinks I made it through. Friday night was a sitting down with the smalls watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the tv. Saturday was Gala day in our village, wee one won second prize for the decorate your bike competition but that was only due to the fact that she was the only other person who turned up on their bike. The girl who won was the only one who decorated a bike :)
So Saturday night was our Gala Dance night, big marquee in the local park, live band, lots of people, lots of mud, lots of alcohol, I spent one part of the night using one hand to keep someone's hand up in the air as it was bleeding heavily and the other hand keeping him pinned to the spot to stop him staggering off and not getting his hand sorted. It all sounds so cultured and refined doesn't it?
It was a really good night, apart from having a very stiff neck from headbanging at some point in the evening, and I'm glad that with medication, good friends and a smidgen of alcohol I survived!

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Samsara said...

Thanks for the comment Taz - I shamedly admit to having seen enchanted, so I remember that curtain cutting scene now you come to mention it! And yes, the A-Team, how could I have forgotten them *lol*