Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A head full of snot

but Hungary was great. Last week me and my good friend L went to Hungary for a 4 night girls only trip. We flew into Budapest on the Tuesday and spent two great days exploring the sights, wandering up and down streets, freezing to near death on an open top tour bus and then the same day going on a night time open boat trip up the Danube. We checked out a market where we saw some interesting food stuffs - chicken feet, chicken heads, pigs feet, tails, heads, ears....oh and the genitalia of what we think was a bull! I have pictures I will return with ;) Not of the genitalia though :o
We ate goulash and drank palinka and egri merlot and generally had a very lovely 2 days. On the Friday we checked out of the hotel and caught a train up to Esztergom to visit L's friends Rita and Tamas and their family. They made us feel so very welcome and their children were beautiful and helped me not get too homesick for my own small people.
They took us to the Basillica where we were given a fascinating tour of the treasury by a very enthusiastic man who spoke no english and as we spoke no Hungarian past yes, no, please and thank you I was amazed by how much I actually understood!
I really will come back with photos, silly me posting on here and not having the pics downloaded ready :/

Anyway I'm home now and I have so much to catch up on, my partner and I have both received our Skull Swap packages and I have sent out to my Dr Who parner so watch out there will be even more pictures ;)

Off to rest my eyes now, this cold has me up all night coughing so am exhausted and unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow. Woe is me.