Friday, 24 April 2009

And poof she reappeared as if by magic

The lovely Beki gave me a much needed poke (not literally) today. We had a lovely time down with my Mum in Wales, it was lovely meeting up with my family and friends.
I won't go into detail but things have been a bit different around here (here as in home not here as in blog) so I'm afraid I've done a bit of usual tortoise routine and just retracted my head away from the world. Thank you Beki for reminding me that people care (((hugs)))

Ok I promised a giveway prize draw on my return didn't I? Well as this giveaway is to mark my 2nd Blogaversary I decided to draw two names.
So I'm happy to announce the winners are..................

The one the only lovely Mrs Twiggypeasticks who might be a bit busy with a certain Mr Tennant to notice :)


The favour bag maker extrodinaire Jellybelly@jellybrain

So if you lovely ladies would like to contact me with your details, I think you already mentioned your skinny minny sizes, any choices for designs, oh and if you have any definate no no's for colours.

I owe a huge apology to MadMummy. Thank you so much for the gorgeous spring things you sent me for the spring swap I will post pics this weekend. I'm sorry your package is still not with you, it got returned to me for some bizarre reason and with my head in my shell I still haven't got myself organised to get it back in the post.

Have to go now wee one has dance class in 10 minutes and we still can't find her other ballet slipper but then it's a miracle we found the first one the state her room in in.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter my friends

and see you in a week. Don't eat too much chocolate ;)

Remember I will be drawing the giveaway on my return xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My name is Taz and

I have a button obsession! While we were in Ikea yesterday I bought some glass jars so that I could sort out my big tin of buttons into some sort of colour order. I only bought 6 jars bur of course we all know that there are more colours than just 6. Anyway I spent some lovely time last night sorting out my buttons. Him indoors and the small people found this quite amusing but then there was much eyerolling when the postman delivered yet more buttons this morning.

And there are more buttons on there way to me. But they are buttons that I don't have already! I know I know who am I trying to convince eh?

How to tell your husband wants to make you happy

he takes you to Ikea. Ok that probably doesn't sound very exciting to a lot of you city girls but if I tell you the last time I set foot in an Ikea was 2006 and before that was sometime around 2002 then you'll understand how I get a bit giddy.
I was actually amazing restrained for someone who doesn't get her fix very often. We did invest in some lovely new glass plates and big one and I bought a metre of some lovely bird fabric. Yes of course there were some other bits and bobs that found their way into my trolley but that darn marketplace is just too tempting.

I'm busy busy finishing off my Spring/Easter Swap things for my lovely partner MadMummy and then we're off for a visit to the family down in Wales next week. Plus of course I still have work, the smalls are off school and I'm still practically jumping on the postman every morning to see if there is any news yet about the job I went for over 2 weeks ago!

I realise that I didn't put a cut off date for my giveaway so I will now. As I said I'll be away so I will draw the giveaway on Monday 20th April. I will include your name for every comment you have left me from the original giveaway post till the 20th.