Monday, 31 January 2011

Good grief...

I had a whole Friday AND Saturday night childfree so what did I do?

Well you have to don't you? Well to be honest I have to keep myself busy or I miss them to much - yes I probably am sad but I know for a fact I'm not the only Mum to wish and pray for a bit of peace but on getting it start pining for them to come home again.

Only problem with lots of late night partying when you're out of practice is....

Still it will probably be a while before I get to do it again so I've plenty of time to catch up on my sleep. :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Am I human?

Being Human stars again tonight for a third series.

To be honest I was hooked from the pilot and was hoping it was one of the few pilots that got made into a proper series.

If you've never seen it before... where have you been!!!!

A brief synopis of the leading characters for you....

Mitchell - is the gorgeous, brooding, handsome, Irish Vampire with a heart. He tries his best to live without harming. I don't think that's all that makes him sexy but it doesn't hurt eh?

George - is the I don't want to be a Werewolf, I just want to be normal bloke. He is beyond sweet and I am in serious WANT of his gnome bedroom wallpaper.

Annie - is the resident ghost. Killed by a violent boyfriend, still trying to come to terms to who she was never mind who she is now.

Nina - is the Nurse with a whole background of her own but then she met George and after an accidental scratch she is now the female werewolf to George's male version.

So that's where I'll be come 9pm this evening. I received series 1 and 2 for my birthday so finally catching up with the next installment in my birthday month is fab.

What are your favourite surreal programmes?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eee gads

Wee one had a sleepover last night. I try to keep them to a minimum if I'm honest. A housefull of overexcited 10 year olds gets noisy and inevitably ends in tears.
Last night was no exception unfortunately due NOT to over excitement but illness. One of the friends was feeling a tadge under the weather when she arrived - and you would let your child go on a sleep over feeling unwell because??? And the other friend arrived with an already sore foot or so I was to discover later.

Anyway...I dutifully did the making cakes with them then they went to play while I whipped up some homemade pizza bases for them to throw on their own toppings.

That went down well and one of wee one friends said she didn't usually like pizza but that pizza was wonderful. Bless her. As a lot of wee one's pal think cakes come from the shops or out of packets it was probably a shock that pizza's didn't come out of a box too.

So sometime after pizza they came down wanting to play Twister

I did say I didn't think it was such a great idea on pizza tummies but who ever listens to their Mum? LOL

One of wee one's friends - see above when I said one of them was not feeling well already - was subsequently sick. I did the back rubbing, clearing up, phoning home thing. Dad dutifully turned up, administered a cuddle and it was decreed that she was going to still stay the night. Ummmm ok then.

An hour or two later I had one friend crying over a sore foot that her Dad, after a phone call told me oh yeah it's been playing her up all week, and the vomitting child vomited again.
Once we'd phoned vomitting child's house for someone to come and get her, child with sore foot was crying and wanting to go home too. So I phoned her house and was told by her Dad 'oh I thought this might happen' Well thanks for the heads up there!!!!!!

So after everyone had gone home I was left with one sobbing child left feeling very sorry for herself. We tucked ourselves up in my bed with one of her favourite things, family albums and we giggled until far too late and she went to sleep a happy wee one again.

Me? Bloody exhausted! Who invented sleepovers?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hooray for Royal Mail

I do so love to see my postie

Friday I had to sign for my My Chemical Romance tickets for February. I'm taking big one to see them for her 16th birthday down in Glasgow. Their latest album is brilliant, Santa brought it for her and she very kindly stuck it on my ipod for me.

My Chemical Romance was the first concert we took big one too when she was 13 so when she found out they were coming back to Scotland in time for her 16th birthday it was just perfect. I did ask her who she wanted to take with her and she said 'You of course Mum!' Awwwww made me smile and feel all warm inside that did.

Saturday my postie brought me our McFly tickets for March. This will be wee one's first concert, I've already got her some ear plugs to try and take the noise levels down a bit as she's not a fan of loud noises. She must take after someone on her Father's side of the family bless her. But she's very excited all the same and can't wait to tell all her friends at school. LOL
It's going to be fun going to a concert with both my small people plus for some reason McFly is an all seated concert - new concept for me and big one but safer for us having wee one with us. No doubt we will at some point find ourselves up near the stage though LOL

Of course spending out on all these tickets gets expensive but I don't go out, I rarely buy new clothes for myself so this is my treat time. :)

No doubt I will tell you all about the concerts in due course. ;)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Time for an ing

watching... The week long Shameless specials, the big Fish thing with Hughie Feathers-heeatsitall and the fascinating Human Planet.

listening to... My Chemical Romance's latest album as I am taking big one to see them in concert for her 16th birthday. Her request and she chose me as the lucky friend to go with her. :D

eating... anything and everything. :(

shooting... I think I might have to change this ing. In fact I think I will change it to crafting.

buying... a new mattress for big one's bed.

selling... a home gym, an electronic drum kit and a pair of roller blades if anyone's interested.

gossiping... well you wouldn't believe me if I told you!

completing... moving every bed in the house (but mine) to a different room.

wondering... what the weekend will bring.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pressure for pleasure.

It was my birthday yesterday, to be honest it was a pretty miserable day.
I've never had the birthdays you're apparently supposed to. Everyone seems to think you should be bouncing off the walls with excitement and have an action packed day ahead of you but I invariably seem to miss the invitations to these things
As a child I remember hoping it would soon be over - as in my birthday, not life, I wasn't that gloomy a child! :)
I think being born on my brother's birthday may have had some influence on how unexciting I've found birthdays. It's not much fun when you feel like you've intruded on someone else's party.

I didn't have parties for any of my big birthdays and apparently my family has never thought I needed one as despite me organising theirs they have never returned the compliment.

But then.....

I made my own family and my two gorgeous girls came home from school with hugs and kisses, presents they had picked themselves and then took themselves off to the kitchen to bake me this...

Despite a couple of family members doing their upmost to pretty much ensure I wasn't going to have a great day I'd just like to thank my gorgeous small people and my online family who let me know in so many ways that someone thinks I do matter.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Take one kitchen, one pot of paint and one fed up me.

I've lived in this house for over 8 years now, I've lived with this kitchen for all that time.

I gave up hoping for a new kitchen years ago and I definately gave up hoping for one when the ex moved out. Friends tell me I should have just ordered a new one years ago when me and him were still together but that's not the way I am.

So between Xmas and New Year I decided enough was enough. I can't afford a new kitchen for anytime in the near future so after scrubbing all the units down with sugar soap, I took the blackboard paint that I'd used in wee one's bedroom.

And this is what happened....

I think it looks so much better and so does everyone who's seen it.

Bonus points for the fact that now me and the smalls can have hours of fun drawing on the walls and no one tells us off.