Sunday, 23 January 2011

Am I human?

Being Human stars again tonight for a third series.

To be honest I was hooked from the pilot and was hoping it was one of the few pilots that got made into a proper series.

If you've never seen it before... where have you been!!!!

A brief synopis of the leading characters for you....

Mitchell - is the gorgeous, brooding, handsome, Irish Vampire with a heart. He tries his best to live without harming. I don't think that's all that makes him sexy but it doesn't hurt eh?

George - is the I don't want to be a Werewolf, I just want to be normal bloke. He is beyond sweet and I am in serious WANT of his gnome bedroom wallpaper.

Annie - is the resident ghost. Killed by a violent boyfriend, still trying to come to terms to who she was never mind who she is now.

Nina - is the Nurse with a whole background of her own but then she met George and after an accidental scratch she is now the female werewolf to George's male version.

So that's where I'll be come 9pm this evening. I received series 1 and 2 for my birthday so finally catching up with the next installment in my birthday month is fab.

What are your favourite surreal programmes?


JuicyFig said...

I really want to watch this - but am trying to avoid more vampires with the return of True Blood...we will see...!


Em said...

I cqan't wait for it to start tonight, its one of the few TV shows where no one in the cast annoys me and Mitchell being so damn sexy is an added bonus!!
I think it blows those other vampire shows out of the water!
And the Tudors started again last night but I missed it..but I'll get it on iplayer can't beat a bit of 16th century soft porn!!
Em xxxxxxxx

bekimarie said...

Confession time..............I have never watched.
Have just put it on record though as I trust your taste so!

B xxx

Curry Queen said...

I've never watched any of it, so feel strangely out of it - sounds good though!