Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eee gads

Wee one had a sleepover last night. I try to keep them to a minimum if I'm honest. A housefull of overexcited 10 year olds gets noisy and inevitably ends in tears.
Last night was no exception unfortunately due NOT to over excitement but illness. One of the friends was feeling a tadge under the weather when she arrived - and you would let your child go on a sleep over feeling unwell because??? And the other friend arrived with an already sore foot or so I was to discover later.

Anyway...I dutifully did the making cakes with them then they went to play while I whipped up some homemade pizza bases for them to throw on their own toppings.

That went down well and one of wee one friends said she didn't usually like pizza but that pizza was wonderful. Bless her. As a lot of wee one's pal think cakes come from the shops or out of packets it was probably a shock that pizza's didn't come out of a box too.

So sometime after pizza they came down wanting to play Twister

I did say I didn't think it was such a great idea on pizza tummies but who ever listens to their Mum? LOL

One of wee one's friends - see above when I said one of them was not feeling well already - was subsequently sick. I did the back rubbing, clearing up, phoning home thing. Dad dutifully turned up, administered a cuddle and it was decreed that she was going to still stay the night. Ummmm ok then.

An hour or two later I had one friend crying over a sore foot that her Dad, after a phone call told me oh yeah it's been playing her up all week, and the vomitting child vomited again.
Once we'd phoned vomitting child's house for someone to come and get her, child with sore foot was crying and wanting to go home too. So I phoned her house and was told by her Dad 'oh I thought this might happen' Well thanks for the heads up there!!!!!!

So after everyone had gone home I was left with one sobbing child left feeling very sorry for herself. We tucked ourselves up in my bed with one of her favourite things, family albums and we giggled until far too late and she went to sleep a happy wee one again.

Me? Bloody exhausted! Who invented sleepovers?


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh my word, poor you. Sounds a real nightmare. We are in the midst of a sleepover as I type. Wish they'd go to sleep!

Curry Queen said...

Ugh! What is wrong with these people? I have had similar experiences in the past and its infuriating that parents will send ill children off to other houses (presumably just so they can avoid the mess!) Poor you!

VintageVicki said...

What a shame - can't get over people who'd send an ill/hurt child out - surely it would have been more polite of them to re-arrange????

A friend of mine re-named these events 'wakeovers'. I am so glad its more of a girl thing.

JuicyFig said...

I am sure girls are worst for this as well! can't miss out, but want their mum/dad...Glad Taryn is tooooo old for these any more - though I have put a ban on any boyfriend/ girlfreinds, general drunken 19 year olds etc stopping over.


Menopausal musing said...

Oh, poor you! I can remember the hideous moods the day after sleepovers. I used to warn parents that my daughter used to giggle a lot and would keep the others up all night. The parents used to say "oh she'll be fine"..... and then I would collect her the following morning and see the dark circles under everyone's eyes........

bekimarie said...

Such a shame for wee one but Mummy came good just like us fabby mummies always do ;o)

B xxx

The Girl said...

Brilliant!! I do feel sorry for you but at the same time I can't help smirking to myself.

I'm also now seriously feeling the need to have a sleepover - surely it'll be easier now that we're all 27?!

Wylye Girl said...

My lounge seems to be a constant mass of teenage bodies in various states of undress sleeping on my sofas. In a few years they'll start being sick again!! Found you through the Curry Queen. Great blog.