Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hooray for Royal Mail

I do so love to see my postie

Friday I had to sign for my My Chemical Romance tickets for February. I'm taking big one to see them for her 16th birthday down in Glasgow. Their latest album is brilliant, Santa brought it for her and she very kindly stuck it on my ipod for me.

My Chemical Romance was the first concert we took big one too when she was 13 so when she found out they were coming back to Scotland in time for her 16th birthday it was just perfect. I did ask her who she wanted to take with her and she said 'You of course Mum!' Awwwww made me smile and feel all warm inside that did.

Saturday my postie brought me our McFly tickets for March. This will be wee one's first concert, I've already got her some ear plugs to try and take the noise levels down a bit as she's not a fan of loud noises. She must take after someone on her Father's side of the family bless her. But she's very excited all the same and can't wait to tell all her friends at school. LOL
It's going to be fun going to a concert with both my small people plus for some reason McFly is an all seated concert - new concept for me and big one but safer for us having wee one with us. No doubt we will at some point find ourselves up near the stage though LOL

Of course spending out on all these tickets gets expensive but I don't go out, I rarely buy new clothes for myself so this is my treat time. :)

No doubt I will tell you all about the concerts in due course. ;)


Em said...

I've seen MCR a few times at Leeds Festival and they were pretty good, and I bought my eldest tickets to see them in Manchester a good few years back when she was first into them.
We didn't tell her where she was going, she thought she was going to see her uncles band and moaned that she didn't want to go!!
Anyways Hope you all have a brill time at both gigs.
Em xxxxxx

Twiggy said...

Have a fabtastic time. Can't wait until Twiglet is old enough to go to festivals - better start blardy saving up now !!
I know what you mean about the cost of the tooth - 2k!! I nearly needed to sit back in the dentists chair, I think i'd look quite fetching with a pirate style gap in my tooth, good for peeling carrots too :)
Twiggy x

JuicyFig said...

Good luck to you, and rather you than me!!! though I am sure Taryn would love to go and see MCR.

Curry Queen said...

Ooh fab! We're going to see Take That in July and I am pathetically excited at the prospect ...

The Vintage Kitten said...

Have a lovely time. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! X

VintageVicki said...

Am waiting for our postie to bring tickets for various things too. Not concerts this time but comedy shows.

I've taken my youngest for the past 3 years to Latitude Festival & he's loved it - great to be able to do things like that with your children.