Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anyone wet?

This rain is getting ridiculous, I'm actually starting to think that I missed the build an ark memo somewhere.
There seems little point in wondering what you're going to wear each day as there is only the one outfit that is suitable.

Today I've done nothing, no seriously nothing. Well I am actually actively avoiding the ironing pile. I feel like it's that giant muffin in the Special K advert, it's creeping up behind me and I have a sense of impending doom knowing that I'm going to have to go do it. Well at least the small people's school uniforms and work clothes for me. Yes I know I was only just posting (moaning) that there is so much housework needs doing but I did spend time yesterday trying to find wee one's bedroom floor, the bathrooms are not toxic and the dishes were washed. So I'm taking today off, I've had my feet up and I'll go see if my local chemist has some flight socks in the morning. Thanks for everyone for your advice and support, not quite sure I'm ready for support tights yet though MrsB LOL

Well we're forcast for yet more rain so I guess I should invest in a new brolly as the one I used last night decided to acquire a very unusual tilt.

Right now...knitting or ironing, knitting or ironing?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Swollen ankles

and no I'm not pregnant. That would be a miracle beyound all reasonable doubt! LOL
I am however just plain exhausted. I work 7-8 hour shifts at the pub so am on my feet constantly for that amount of time, no I don't get breaks or a lunch hour and yes I know that is wrong. But it is what it is and my poor legs and feet are paying the price. Usually by the end of my shift my feet and ankles are throbbing but it's bearable, however this last week my ankles have rebelled and where my ankles were there is now just a straight line from my foot up to my calf :( Ouch, ouch and bloody ouch! So any advice, remedies will be gratefully received. I do try to sit down and put my feet up but invariably with the 2 small people, dog and the never ending housework that's not always something I can do within the first couple of hours of getting home.
And yes the housework

image source

Yep that's what I'll be doing this weekend....housework! No they are not actual images of my house but inside my head it feels like it could be.

But just like the news I'll leave you with a happy note, I'm crafting, knitting actually. Oh yes I am. I saw something that a friend made, thought oooh that's nice...I wonder. She said go, do! So I am and big one has already claimed it even though it's not even half way done. :) Oh and wee one has put in her order for the next one.

Friday, 2 October 2009

So now I'm back, from outer space

Wow I'm amazed to see that I still have so many followers, though I guess a lot of you may just have forgotten that I was even on your list as I've been awol for so long. :)
Life has been...well life. As you know my marraige ended in April and that has taken some getting used to. I'm not going to pretend that it's all done and dusted, is anything ever that simple but we are now in a place where things seem pretty steady or as much as they can be just now.
Crafting? Well let's just say there has been NO crafting. I'm now working full time at the pub and by the time I've finished a shift, sorted out the smalls and done some housework I barely have any energy left to put myself to bed.

I am hoping to open up my own bloggy shop soon though. A trip down to my mother's this summer saw me coming back up with boxes and bags of goodies that I'm hoping will boost the old the home funds. I have a lot of my gran's old linens with embroidery and hand crochetted edging on. My Mum used to get very cross with my Gran because she wouldn't teach me how to crochet and my Gran did some fantastic work. I think part of my Gran's reasoning for refusing was that she didn't want to see me in the role of a service girl which is what she was herself before her marraige. I remember receiving dollies with outfit after outfit that she crochetted for me when I was little, such a shame that I wasn't a little girl that liked dollies.

Anyway as you can see I've not been cured of my rambling problem. :)
Nor have I been cured of my charity shop addiction, of course now I have to make sure I don't go to crazy being on a smaller budget but still look at some of my recent finds.

The most gorgeous tiles for 10p each.

A wee pie bird. I can't remember how much this cost me but it certainly well below a pound.

A cute wee shelf which will eventually get a coat of paint, bought for the grand price of 50p.

My best buy picture is currently still on my phone as I'm having problems getting the flaming things off it. But that is something that I will sort out and share with you soon. You'll love it ;)

Right well I better get myself off to bed, small people to get off to school in the morning and work all day for me. Fun, fun, fun!!