Saturday, 24 October 2009

Swollen ankles

and no I'm not pregnant. That would be a miracle beyound all reasonable doubt! LOL
I am however just plain exhausted. I work 7-8 hour shifts at the pub so am on my feet constantly for that amount of time, no I don't get breaks or a lunch hour and yes I know that is wrong. But it is what it is and my poor legs and feet are paying the price. Usually by the end of my shift my feet and ankles are throbbing but it's bearable, however this last week my ankles have rebelled and where my ankles were there is now just a straight line from my foot up to my calf :( Ouch, ouch and bloody ouch! So any advice, remedies will be gratefully received. I do try to sit down and put my feet up but invariably with the 2 small people, dog and the never ending housework that's not always something I can do within the first couple of hours of getting home.
And yes the housework

image source

Yep that's what I'll be doing this weekend....housework! No they are not actual images of my house but inside my head it feels like it could be.

But just like the news I'll leave you with a happy note, I'm crafting, knitting actually. Oh yes I am. I saw something that a friend made, thought oooh that's nice...I wonder. She said go, do! So I am and big one has already claimed it even though it's not even half way done. :) Oh and wee one has put in her order for the next one.


Menopausal musing said...

Oh Taz, poor you. I can totally sympathise/empathise re the being on your feet thing. I have done jobs in the field of "hospitality" and it is relentless and very often devoid of lunchbreaks etc. I have no cure/suggestion for swollen ankles and certainly no cure for untidyness........ hope those ankles settle down.

twiggypeasticks said...

Aww poppet, it's nice to hear from you. I used to work at a local gorgeous stately home for the National Trust. Good fun but my job involved standing in a freezing, draughty, old hall on a stone floor, my flippin knees and feet were killing me when I got home. I would have a hot bath and sit with my feet raised nice and high for a bit, peppermint foot lotion helped a bit too. Don't forget nice sensible granny shoes!!!
Keep trucking.
Twiggy x


Awwwww poor you! What we mothers do to earn a crust! Wish I was nearer - I could at least dash around with the hoover for you - or something!
Try and get some rest, housework isn't that important - but remeber - 'There is no show without Punch!' look after yourself!
Glad you have your crafting mojo back.

x Vicky x

Mrs B said...

Taz!! That is pants! I used to be a florist and worked long hours on my feet, so can completely empathise! I found flight socks were good (support tights.....)sounds sad but it works keeping your blood circulating.


Lydia said...

How did you get the pictures of my house?! Try & put your feet up whilst crafting, hope the juggling continues to go ok...