Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anyone wet?

This rain is getting ridiculous, I'm actually starting to think that I missed the build an ark memo somewhere.
There seems little point in wondering what you're going to wear each day as there is only the one outfit that is suitable.

Today I've done nothing, no seriously nothing. Well I am actually actively avoiding the ironing pile. I feel like it's that giant muffin in the Special K advert, it's creeping up behind me and I have a sense of impending doom knowing that I'm going to have to go do it. Well at least the small people's school uniforms and work clothes for me. Yes I know I was only just posting (moaning) that there is so much housework needs doing but I did spend time yesterday trying to find wee one's bedroom floor, the bathrooms are not toxic and the dishes were washed. So I'm taking today off, I've had my feet up and I'll go see if my local chemist has some flight socks in the morning. Thanks for everyone for your advice and support, not quite sure I'm ready for support tights yet though MrsB LOL

Well we're forcast for yet more rain so I guess I should invest in a new brolly as the one I used last night decided to acquire a very unusual tilt.

Right now...knitting or ironing, knitting or ironing?


Deanna said...

Knitting or ironing...come on..just take it easy today! Take a nap or just sit there and daydream. It's been rainy here in San Antonio as well and I just wish it would get cold so that I could really wear a good coat but alas, the rain, when it does come, only makes the city hot and humid. Blah! Yes, I agree that a good brolly is needed (photo is sweet) I have three that seem to fly upwards when a good rain and wind hits them but oh well!

Much love,
Deanna :d

Menopausal musing said...


The Vintage Kitten said...

Knitting! X

Shabby Chick said...

I hope you chose knitting!!! I need to try and rediscover my eldest's floor, she seems to think that you can't choose what to wear without spreading your entire wardrobe all over the floor ;)

Noooo the stepfords didn't get me, this morning I realised the annoying jingling noise was my undone belt swinging as I walked home from school... they wouldn't have me even if I asked!!!

Mel xxx

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Taz, just caught up with your blog. Hope you are Ok, you've been through a tough time. Take it easy sweetpea.


Kookie said...

"iron" is a 4 letter word Taz, get your feet up love and enjoy the rest x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Taz, Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog recently. I am still looking for my 'blog mojo' and waiting for something exciting to happen (it may take some time) LOL! X