Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Did anyone build an ark yet?

I can't believe it's a month since I last posted and it's still flipping raining! It's terrible seeing all the devastion that the excess water has brought and the sad loss of life. We've been pretty fortunate where I live but nearby areas have been affected. The smalls and I did have an adventure a couple of weeks back having to drive through what would appear to be a lake but was actually the dual carraigeway on our way home from shopping. Boy were we glad to get home that night.

Other things to report to excuse my month long absence. Well I did go and see this lush individual.

Mr Izzard is one of the few men that I do like to see with a bit of eye liner on and after spending time in his company (with several hundred other fans) I come away feeling educated. T'was a brilliant night and oh how we laughed.

I did a table top sale last week which was a bit of a wash out in more ways that one, yes it was raining but that didn't seem to stop everyone going to the coffee morning that was also on in the village that day. Unfortunately only 26 people came through the doors so it was a very long morning sat in a cold village hall I can tell you. Luckily I covered the cost of my table and made a few bob in profit but I do so not enjoy having to pack it all away again at the end. Most of the bits and bobs I had on sale were things that may yet find their way onto my blog shop but I did actually make things too. Yes Tazzy scrapped together enough crafting mojo to make something! I made flannel cupcakes and chocolate logs and some magic reindeer food. Yes I know hardly a stall of Tazzy goodies but it was a start and I did sell a few :)

Well I see the Coke advert has started to the official countdown to Xmas has begun, guess I really should start thinking about doing something about it then. Gulp!


a mermaids purse said...

hehe love your title 'did anyone build and ark yet?' hehe...i know the feeling well. the west country, devon is looking grey and very wet!!!...though watching the news updates i do feel most sad for cumbria...those people heading back to their houses after the mass flooding my heart goes out to them it really does.
i think eddie izzard is great, espeially in drag hehe...he would be a great person to have around at a dinner party! ;0)

yes its that time of year when christmas is fast approaching! always a mad rush! hehe
great blog x

Menopausal musing said...

Eddie Izzard! Wow, I would love to see him live. Great that you have your creative mojo back and even greater that you sold stuff! Well done you! Nice to see you posting again........ :O)

twiggypeasticks said...

Good for you missus, making and selling that is very motivated of you. I love Eddie Izzard, sooooo funny.
Twiggy x