Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Peace returns

Well our French exchange student went back off home on Friday. Despite the last minute rush of packing (she was still packing at 11.30pm on the Thursday AND still hadn't finished by breakfast time the following morning!) we got her on the bus in time with all her forms completed and big hugs and kisses all round. I hope that she enjoyed her time here with us. Big one can't wait now till it's her turn to go over to France next year.
I've been busy crafting away getting my stuff done for the Owl Swap Round 4 over at CraftsterJust waiting now for my partner to get back off her holidays so I can send it out in the post. Gulp! Am very nervous :/
Also I've been stencilling like a crazy woman. I decided to try out a new technique involving contact paper. Print out the design onto the paper side, cut out, peel, stick to shirt, paint, dry, peel off and voila one stenciled shirt with lovely clear straight lines. I won't post pics just now of the shirts I've done as the design is the one I'm sending to my Craftster partner and you never know who's checking out your blog now do you ;)

Right while I've been away busy with entertaining French girls, working and general life I see I've been tagged by the lovely ">Bumbershootska. I've been tagged for 5 random facts about all about me. 5? I think most of ‘me’ is random until I have to think about it, then suddenly I think I’m the most boring person on the planet. Hmmm. And then I’m to tag 5 other people, oh I can see me being popular for that, do I even know 5 people on here, come to think of it do 5 people know me :D

Right so let's see what can I tell you.
1. I hate peas. I don't just hate them, I HATE them. I have very bad memories of being still sat at the dinner table long after the meal had finished with my plate sat infront of me with the offending green globules still sat there, stone cold staring at me with their evilness. I'd probably have grown out of my dislike of them long ago, as I did with most other vegetables, if it hadn't been such a mealtime battle or if my Mother just hadn't served me them knowing full well the whole saga would become a groundhog day every meal time. Random enough?

2. The best friend I've ever had was my first dog. His name was Butch, he was a cross between a Great Dane and a Bull Mastiff and my Mum and Dad adopted him just weeks before I was born. He died when I was seven and I still miss him.

3. I think Bumbershootska and I have the same name. Think Mrs King out of The Avengers or Gone with the wind.

4. I love thunder and lightening. While some of my friends are cowering under the stairs I'm the one at the window counting down between the flash of lightening and the rumble of thunder.

5. I'd love to have a minimalistic home but with a husband, 2 kids, a slobbery dog and a crafting fetish this is highly unlikely to ever happen.

Now to find 5 people to tag.

takinanap - because I LOVE your sock creations.
big_girlfeet - because I love the fact I'm not the only big footed woman out there.
the-pink-kitchen - anyone who has a pink kitchen has to be tagged :)
thriftygoodness - I wish she could take me thrifting with her.
and finally

bumbershootska - because it's you that got me into this in the first place :p

Oh and can someone teach me how to do a direct link to someone's blog because I used the link button but nothing appeared :( Many thanks to big girl feet for her help with putting in link properly. You're a star thank you petal.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Proudly presenting

my new ink.

My Dad died suddenly from a fatal heart attack July 2004. My heart still hurts missing him and I wanted something for him, for me. My Dad was not a big writer, I don't therefore have many things with his writing on but I do have one birthday card that he wrote (Mum was always in charge of writing them usually) so the idea hit me that nothing could mean more than my Dad's signature. So that is exactly what I now have and I love it. This photo was taken as soon as I took the covering off so it's a tadge blurry I'll update it with a better shot soon.

While I'm sharing I will also show you the tattoo's that I designed for my children. My two that are here with me and my two that died during pregnancy. I don't have any recent shots of them so this is one from when they were freshly done some 3 years ago.

Other news is that so far the French Exchange hosting is going great. M-E is a really nice girl and her and big one seem to be getting on really well and there is much giggling going on. I'm sighing a big sigh of relief I can tell you.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The French are coming.

Tomorrow big one's French Exchange student arrives so I've been busy busy trying to make the house look like I do actually try to keep it tidy. Needless to say I've not had much success trying to make my craft pile look smaller. :)
I have however now got 3 completed items for my Craftster Owl Swap and have another two planned. I'd post pics but you never know who's watching ;)
I have some pics of some of the things I've picked up from our charity shops but the battery on my camera decided that it was a good day to run out of juice so it's now sat on charge.
As is the case of a woman's work never being done, wee one announced this evening that she'd like to move her room around. So guess I'll be lugging beds and piles of toys around tomorrow then. I painted these girls on her wall a while back.

This is the one I was least happy with but wee one liked her enough to stop me whiting her out. LOL

Tomorrow I'm getting my next ink done and I'm too excited to be nervous just now. Hopefully I'll have a shot of it to update with this time tomorrow.

Monday, 7 May 2007


Where have I been? D'ya know things have been a bit nuts and I don't even remember where I've been.
I've got a pile of charity shop finds (mostly books) that I need to list but I haven't even managed to take the pics of my camera yet. Bad bad blogger.
I've been working 2 of my jobs, tending to a poorly wee one and waiting on tenderhooks for the partners on the Owl Swap over at Craftster to be announced. I've been searching the few craft (2) shops that we have round these parts to try and find some inspiring items, unfortunately Owl products don't seem to be in high demand round these parts but at least I've got some ideas rolling around in my head that don't need much more than material and time
I have also been spending time having a good paper clear out, that is sorting out the mounds of paper that seems to collect around here. My shredder has been running hot and the recycling bin is overflowing but a good clear is good for the soul right? Well it's good for making more space :D