Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The French are coming.

Tomorrow big one's French Exchange student arrives so I've been busy busy trying to make the house look like I do actually try to keep it tidy. Needless to say I've not had much success trying to make my craft pile look smaller. :)
I have however now got 3 completed items for my Craftster Owl Swap and have another two planned. I'd post pics but you never know who's watching ;)
I have some pics of some of the things I've picked up from our charity shops but the battery on my camera decided that it was a good day to run out of juice so it's now sat on charge.
As is the case of a woman's work never being done, wee one announced this evening that she'd like to move her room around. So guess I'll be lugging beds and piles of toys around tomorrow then. I painted these girls on her wall a while back.

This is the one I was least happy with but wee one liked her enough to stop me whiting her out. LOL

Tomorrow I'm getting my next ink done and I'm too excited to be nervous just now. Hopefully I'll have a shot of it to update with this time tomorrow.


zombiecazz said...

Remind me of when I was young. A friend as my parents painted disney characters on my bedroom door. They were there for 30 years until my unsentimental father changed the doors. I still miss then when I go home for a visit

Bumbershootska said...

Too cool - all the princesses!!!
Ink, huh? Well, charge up the batteries cuz we want photos!

Taz said...

Aww you want me to come paint you some princess cazz? ;)
Ok going to go update with the pic of my new ink now like a good girl