Saturday, 19 May 2007

Proudly presenting

my new ink.

My Dad died suddenly from a fatal heart attack July 2004. My heart still hurts missing him and I wanted something for him, for me. My Dad was not a big writer, I don't therefore have many things with his writing on but I do have one birthday card that he wrote (Mum was always in charge of writing them usually) so the idea hit me that nothing could mean more than my Dad's signature. So that is exactly what I now have and I love it. This photo was taken as soon as I took the covering off so it's a tadge blurry I'll update it with a better shot soon.

While I'm sharing I will also show you the tattoo's that I designed for my children. My two that are here with me and my two that died during pregnancy. I don't have any recent shots of them so this is one from when they were freshly done some 3 years ago.

Other news is that so far the French Exchange hosting is going great. M-E is a really nice girl and her and big one seem to be getting on really well and there is much giggling going on. I'm sighing a big sigh of relief I can tell you.


Bumbershootska said...

ooh your post made me sad but happy, too. Ink is such a good way to keep someone close by; they're always in our hearts but it's easy to forget that the ones we love never leave us. I've felt my Grandfather's hand on my shoulder a few times and it always gives me comfort. Now you'll always have your dear Dad and all of your babies with you (trust me, I totally get this...)
Good for you, Grrrl!
btw I've tagged you on my blog :)

Taz said...

Thanks hon. Unfortunately a dear friend's Dad has just died and my heart is crying for her and stirring so many emotions back up in me. You're right they never leave us, they always live on in our hearts. ((hugs))
Tagged? Moi?

Bumbershootska said...

I am so sorry - it all comes back, doesn't it. Give her your love and find comfort together

oui - vous etes 'tagged' ;)
Partage, mon amie, partage!
(gotta figure out how to get l'accent circonflex to show on this computer argh!)

Taz said...

Yep I have offered my support and she knows that I am here for her whenever she needs me. :(
Ok I did the tagging, do I get a gold star now :D