Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Swappers Anxiety

I posted my Owl Swap stuff today and I've got butterflies the size of belfry bats thumping around in my innards. Does everyone else get this nervous?
I'm not going to post any pics here just incase I spoil the surprise ;) but I will once I know she's received it all.
What I can post however is the things I put together for a friend's birthday. She's currently all the way down in England far far away from home so I thought what better to let her know she's loved that some Tazzy craft LOL

The dishcloth has a wee dragonfly on it because even when we do the most mundane of tasks it's still nice to have something pretty around. Not so sure you can really see the image too well in these shots.

And the stuffie? Well while I've been on such an Owl craft binge my brain just automatically thought hey do an Owl. At least it turned out quite cute and she is a clever lady so hopefully she'll like that reference.

Oh and surprise surprise another shirt. This one was for wee one. We went to see POTC 3, it's just a shame I didn't see this stencil before seeing the movie but hey wee one loves it so at least she can now run around the garden pretending to be a real pirate :D

I do have more shirts but as 2 of them have the same design as one that is included in the Owl Swap I'll not post any of them just now ;)


Sara said...

Very cute owl! I would love to be a swapper, but am too nervous to sign up for anything just yet.
If this owl is any indication, your swap buddy will love it!

Taz said...

I was too, it took me forever and even when I'd done a personal swap I was still too nervous. But I'm happy to report that my first sign up swap turned out just fine..thankfully.

mooniebutt said...

I just love that owl too! So very cute!

Taz said...

Thanks sweetie :)