Monday, 11 June 2007

The big sleep

I need one, I want one and damn I deserve one.
Wednesday night I was ill, not much sleep was had and then I had work (yes I know a sensible person would phone in sick...I'm not sensible) I did however come home from work, fall into bed and cuddle my children until I drifted off to sleep. After a good nights sleep I felt remarkably human again but then.
Friday I ended my shift at work and managed to allow myself to be persuaded to stay for a drink or two. Several hours and several pints later oh and lets not forget an appearance on the karioke machine I went home. But now that's not enough is it? Saturday night we actually had a babysitter organised (trust me these are like gold dust round these here parts) so me and him indoors went out for a meal and a few drinks. We didn't get home late but him indoors suggested we watch a film, so after spending forever trying to decide on one we both wanted to watch we finally settled on 300. Can I just say...PHWOAR!!!!!!! I really, really will have to watch this film again once him indoors has gone away back to work so that I can properly appreciate those bodies and over use my dvd's pause button :D I want to watch the 1962 version to but I'm guessing the Spartans might not be so buff in that version ;)
So I've been away from my computer for days and days and have fallen way behind on my emails (sorry to anyone I owe one to) my posts, my blog and I have done no crafting at all. Tomorrow morning I have a review meeting with my student I haven't got my papers together yet oops. I'm working again tomorrow night at the pub but Monday nights are usually a nice quiet night. Did I say that out loud? Now I'll have jinxed myself.

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