Sunday, 21 September 2008

Laid back weekend

Instead of spending too many hours on the other side of the bar spending all my wages on Friday night I stayed in with the girls and me and big one did a circular jigsaw :) Was nice spending time doing something together especially as she spends most of her time shut away in her room these days.
Saturday we had to be up bright and early as wee one had neglected to bring a party invite home and we were reminded about it Friday night. So Saturday morning me and her rushed into town to buy a present and she managed to wangle a complete party outfit out of me too LOL
Once the party was over (after me and big one had to go early as wee one was upset, I spent time at the party trying to help out with other girls tears and tantrums and lending an ear to my friend who was hosting the party and regretting it) the three of us went off to get some paint and boy did we buy some. :) Undercoat and top coat for the newly plastered living room, paint for each of the girls bedrooms and a tin of what promises to magnetic blackboard paint. Oh yeah I bought new rollers, paint stripper and some suger soap too. Empty purse moments LOL
I really need too get my arse into gear and get my OYP Halloween special swap finished and in the post, plus I owe two dear friends over in America some baby vests and if I don't hurry up they'll have grown too big to fit into them. Least I got all the washing and ironing out of the way this afternoon... off now to try out the lovely new egyptian cotton bath sheets that I sneaked into my basket out shopping yesterday. ;)