Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Did someone mention credit crunch? Is that a new topping?

Yep did the weekly shop today and him indoors nearly choked on the receipt, you can who does the shopping on their own usually can't you? But oddly enough he didn't look phased at all when we were pricing up fireplaces, hearths and grates this morning, and that was definately a lot more than a weeks shopping! This is the hole in the wall that we currently have

attractive eh? Actually the whole thing was hidden behind plaster board, wood panelling, a 1970's gas fire and surround until recently. Now we've had the original (very very old) wall repointed and we're on the search for something nice and chunky and that will look just right.

Craftily before his lordship dragged himself and the shopping trolley round the supermarket I got him to agree to buy this first and take it out to the car. Can you imagine...I'd probably have had to pick him up off the floor if it had been added on to the food bill :D

My last food processor lasted me 12 years but then I didn't actually use it for the first 2 so I guess I should say lasted me 10 years. Anyway as they don't make things like they use to I guess I should think myself lucky if this one keeps going past it's guarantee date. God I sound so old!

Tomorrow is the birthday of my friend (who I also work with) and my old next door neighbours eldest girl. So this evening I made these, hopefully they like them. Big one says they're cool so I guess that's a good thing, for something to impress a teenager must be ok eh?

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