Thursday, 4 September 2008

The night of little sleep

Him indoors went out for his wednesday night lads night out last night. It's what they do when they're all home from work, why a wednesday? no I don't know why either! Anyway 3am this morning the dogs alerted me to the fact that he was home. 4am I woke up to find him staring at my wardrobe door, yes I asked him what he was doing. His reply "I'm just standing here" Me: "Are you coming back to bed?" Him: "I'm just standing here" Ok then :/
Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled when the alarm went off this morning, ah well least he had a good lie in LOL
Took the bag for my friend into work today and she was really thrilled with it which was lovely. You know how it is how you always worry that 'they' won't like what you've handmade for them. She told me that when she got home from work her kitten climbed straight inside it :) Her son was on strict instructions that as soon as the kitten emerged he was to take the bag and put it in her wardrobe away from the cats and their claws.
Tomorrow we're having a girls night out to celebrate her birthday so that should be a good laugh.

Good news both my Go Green Recycle Swap and my Days of the Week Undies partners have both received. Yah!
My shots of the undies are on the other camera but for now this is what I sent for the recycle swap.

Josie is off to Uni so she wanted this for her room, so these are two empty spaghetti hoop tins (aren't I such a gourmet mum!) made into pen/pencil/brush/bit and pieces holders.

This is a neckwarmer knitted from thrifted and left over (from other projects) wool.

A stationary set. The paper is surplus paper brought home by a neighbour from their office, the envelopes were made out of magazine pages and the box is one that I had a gift in and have had on the shelf forever.

Pencil case made from an old skirt and the pencils were out of the art box (yes that wooden box that I spent forever sanding the other day)

A tote bag made from the fantastic curtain that I bought in the charity shop.

A wee make up bag made from said curtain and I filled it up with all the airline bits and pieces that him indoors brings home from his flights.

Well thats all folks :)

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