Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Thinking about Christmas

yes I know it's still only August but I really need to get my dainty wee bum (ha ha) into gear if I'm going to be organised before I jet off to New York in November. Yes you heard right this girl is off to strut her stuff in New York, well it's him indoors big 40 and it's somewhere that we've both always wanted to go so why not :D
I've been busy busy getting my Days of the Week Undie Swap and my Go Green Recycle Swap stuff finished and posted off. That just leaves me with one swap so I really should try and stop myself signing up for anymore swaps for oooh a good couple of weeks and get some Christmassy goodness started. But what to do, last year my head wasn't in such a great place and everyone pretty much got a pile of pennies which as far as I can tell wasn't as well received as my previous year of crafty goodness. There is just no pleasing some people eh? I'm thinking bags for the ladies in my life especially as I've been finding some amazing curtains in my local thrift shop lately...yes this picture is especially for you Karan ;)

But what for the men? Any ideas would be gratefully received and I might even make you something as a wee thank you if you solve my dilema.

I received my Go Green Recycle swap from my lovely partner Josie.
She totally spoiled me with lots and lots of gorgeous goodies.

I also received my Days of the Week undies which are lovely and colourful and I'm sure they'll make my dullest days a bit brighter. :)

And just to finish I'll share my project of today.
I bought this art case from my local charity shop last week for about a £1 and thought to myself now that can be made into something more interesting. So today I ripped out the plastic pencil holder from the inside and sat in the garden sanding and sanding and sanding.

Watch this space to see what happens next.


zombiecazz said...

Hmm Man Friendly Xmas ideas.
decorate the following with their favourite Theme (as in favourite team/cartoon character etc)slippers, beanies, ipod cosies, cd wallet, car cleaning set.

Alcoholic fruit liquers. bag cheap vodka/gin/whisky. get a jar or too add fruit , alcohol and some sugar and let steep for a couple of weeks then filter into bottle and paint/decorate the outside.

amigurumi for rearview mirror or desk.

Funky polymer clay draughts or knots and crosses.

Days of the week boxers.

I could go on and on.
I should better get started with my list.:o)

Kookie said...

I'm crap at man presents,glad to see Cazz has it covered! : )
LOVE he curtains btw, the yellow ones remind me of my G'ma - I actually said "oh, Mammar Starr" out loud when I saw the pic *lol* but I have no idea why *puzzled*
Envying you your trip to NY, hope you have a fantastic time!

Taz said...

Thanks for the ideas Cazz I'll definately see if I can use some of them for my lot. :)

I thought you'd like the curtain Karan ;) awww and if you fancy a bit of the yellow one I'll happily send you some.