Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I did it!

I actually applied for a job today, not that I'm saying bar work isn't a proper job but hopefully this new job will be one where I don't get sworn at, leered at, molested or have disgusting sexual references made to me on a regular basis. But then who knows some people seem to think teenagers are a terrible lot these days LOL
No seriously it's a job up at the High School as a SFL (Support For Learning) and it will mean that I will finally use the qualifications that I actually have. So fingers crossed I get an interview, then fingers crossed I don't mess it up, then fingers crossed I get the job :D

Craftwise I've nothing to share :( Been working too many hours, the house is still in chaos due to having the living room walls replastered. And there are no swaps over on Craftster that are luring me in at the moment. Guess I should get on with my Xmas gifts then. Ha de ha de ha.


Kookie said...

fingers crossed for you Taz : )

Taz said...

Thanks hon :)