Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It's wet

and cold and once again I have no living room. In fact I have no living room, no kitchen, hardly any craft space and a sofa propped up on the hall wall by the front door! Yep sounds fun eh? But it will all be worth it once the plastering is finished and I can begin my decorating and then we will have a lovely cosy living room to be proud of :)

Ings for today

watching... wee one enjoying her new cheerleading class

listening to... the radio.

eating... bacon butties.

shooting... pictures of drunken friends.

buying... As little as possible.

selling... my time to the highest bidder.

gossiping... well a friend rang me today to tell me some gossip that I would rather not have know.

completing... printing off an application form for another job.

wondering... how much stuff I can throw away/recycle without him indoors noticing.

Too cold to sit in here anymore, I'm off to get my jimmies on and put my cold feet on him indoors ;)

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