Monday, 20 October 2008

Bit of a mad house

here (as usual) so hence why there's been no posting. Wee one is off to London in the morning with my Mother for a wee holiday so I'm hoping by the time they get back things will be a bit less hectic and messy :)

Ings for today

watching... Stephen Fry in America.

listening to... The Kings of Leon new CD Only By The Night.

eating... homemade spag bol.

shooting... for the stars.

buying... A new cd and some gorgeous new shoes.

selling... some of my bags when I get time to make some.

gossiping... with friends about something that cannot be spoken of.

completing... packing wee one's bag for her holidayh.

wondering... where all my interesting photos have disappeared to.

Did I ever tell you about the adventure I had turning this

into this

Ah well now there's a story for another day ;)

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