Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nerves and picture overload

The nerves are because I have my interview tomorrow and I am soooo tired because I'm not sleeping again. My brain is not reknowned for being at its best when I'm this tired so I'll probably come across as a bumbling idiot tomorrow. :/

Anyway I've been a bit lax with putting any pictures on my blog for a while so here goes.

A teapot cosy that I made for my OYP Halloween swap. My first teapot cosy :D

A wee pincushion for the same's he a cutey?

My new coat I know a certain lady will like this as it is her favourite colour ;)
Isn't it gorgeous? There's a new shop opened in the village and it totally stocks the kind of things that I like and that the Stepford Mums will run screaming from LMAO

I've been doing lots of painting and sanding lately and I thought I'd share with you one wee project that I did with a tin of blackboard paint and some pictures that no longer have a home.

So looks like I'm up for a busy weekend, tomorrow is interview, work and then out to see off a friend who is deploying off to Afghanistan. So I'll be asking for ideas for care packages soon so get your thinking caps on please.

Saturday is wee one's birthday party after which she's got 2 friends coming home with us for a sleep over. Did I mention that I'm not sleeping, well I guess I won't be getting much of it this weekend anyway :D

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