Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well I had my interview this morning and it seemed to go really well. I was the first interviewee and the Rector informed me that there had been a high number of applicants for the posts. Everything seemed to go well but as you can see from my post title I didn't get the job. He phoned me this evening to say that they'd decided to give the jobs (there were 2 posts available) to 2 applicants who are already working as SFL Auxilarys BUT I interviewed very well, I had obviously put a lot of thought into my interview (no I hadn't) and that without a shadow of a doubt they knew that they would have been happy to have me working alongside them. But still no job. Ah well I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I can understand that it is easier for them to employ people who are already trained to do the job but if the reason I didn't get the job is because I don't have the experience/training then how am I going to get it if I don't get the job :/

Anyway tomorrow (saturday) is wee one's birthday day part at the local puppet shop and I've party bags and party food to organise in the morning so I best be off to my bed. Was out tonight saying bye to my friend I mentioned yesterday who is off to Afghanistan but came home very early for me as I'm exhausted and really didn't fancy the idea of being out too late drinking too much and then having to cope with a room full of 8 year olds tomorrow :)

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