Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter holidays are great.

This weekend we had our friend and her two boys stay with us so that was fun. And it snowed so they got to see some proper white stuff, they live down in Dublin so I think the climate difference helped LOL
Crafting wise I've been pretty busy (when I could be) knitting up a storm. I've been trying to get our nephew's presents sorted, plut the extras for his sister.
We've also been given our swap partners for the UK and ROI Instant Swap. My partner looks great and I've been going through her questionaire and wist seeing what I can conjure up for her. The send outs are 1st April so there's no time to sit on my hands so to speak :) I have got half of one of the items I'm making her finished today. I'm speaking in code because I know she said she wouldn't peek but I don't want to spoil the surprise and she might want to venture over here to see what kind of things I like.

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