Friday, 21 March 2008


I don't know which part of body hurts more but I'm currently thinking it's my feet. I worked today and on arriving home I didn't stop and finally sat down at around 10.30pm If you bear in mind I work in a pub that's pretty much a good 14 hours on my feet today :( The house is in utter chaos and today I just decided to give it a quick tidy, We had the plumbers in all of last week and the beginning of this week so me and the smalls are living in a bit of a building site, the old gas fire and boiler were taken out of the living room so now I have most of the plaster missing off that wall and a huge gaping hole (it now looks a tadge prettier with my mirror and lots of candles in front of it) the downstairs loo has tiles missing off the floor and a huge strip of concrete where they had to dig a hole to channel the piping through for the new boiler, cupboards had to be taken out of the utility room to accomodate the new boiler so all the stuff that was in them is everywhere else :( the water tanks were taken out of my bedroom so you can imagine the chaos in there...need I go on? Oh yeah I forgot to mention him indoors took down a wall in the kitchen while he was home too! See told ya chaos. So as I was hoping to have a friend come stay this weekend (don't know if that's still happening cos I've not heard a thing) I thought I'd better at least clear out all the stuff that's been thrown into the spare room. So once I'd done that and cooked the smalls tea I thought I'd give the oven a quick clean, then I tried to rearrange the living room (see mirror and candles) by putting the furniture in positions where I wasn't nearly breaking my neck everytime I needed to switch the lamp on. Then I thought well as I'm doing 3 loads of washing I'll give the utility room a quick tidy, it now looks like a different room but gawd we have a serious amount of plastic bags :( quite depressing actually especially as I'm trying really hard not to bring more of the buggers into the house. So tired but at least if my friend does arrive this weekend it may look awful to her but I'll know it looks a whole lot better.
Now for the aching other bits of my body... I suddenly remembered yesterday that it is our youngest nephews birthday soon and as finances are a tadge low (see plumbers) I thought I'd craft him up a storm for his 1st birthday. So yesterday I knitted him a stuffie octopus and an octopus bathmitt, then I thought oh I can't leave his big sister out so I started knitting a bathmitt for her too. I'm also on the hunt for some cool stencils for a couple of shirts for him. My wrists and finger joints are sore today. Am I moaning too much? Sorry. On another note it started snowing this evening, yes we're forcast for snow for the Easter holidays. :/
I'm going to bed now I'm working all day again tomorrow then I've got a face painting gig after work till 8pm and then I have to come home and do battle with my bathrooms. ;)


Kookie said...

Taz', my house looks like that ALL THE time *lol*

Regarding the surplus carrier bags, if you iron them between two sheets of paper you can stick 'em together to make a thicker sheet of plastic that can then be used inside other crafty bits, like bases in bags. You can even sew them into stronger re-usable bags after fusing.

I hope your friend gets to visit and you have a nice relaxing weekend, it sounds like you need one : )

Taz said...

I bet it doesn't ;) Actually mine probably does too but with a little less building dust and more plaster on the walls LOL
Thanks for the carrier bag trick, how many layers would I have to fuse together to get it thick enough to sew into being a new bag?
My friend is arriving tomorrow, hence frantic bathroom scrubbing, the caked on toothpaste look is probably not so nice for visitors :D Catch up with you after the weekend ;)