Tuesday, 11 March 2008


that was a fun weekend but man I'm exhausted. This weekend I took big one away for a mother and daughter only weekend. We booked into the hotel on friday night after I finished work and she finished her dance class, we stayed up far too late eating pizza and watching dvds. Saturday we took off to the shops, not one of my favourite hobbies but this weekend was for us to celebrate her 13th birthday (which was last month but Dad was working away so we had to wait for him to come home again to watch wee one) Saturday night was another late one doing face packs and manicures and watching yet more dvds :D Add to the fact that I've gone back to my crappy sleeping routines I'm feeling pretty tired but it was all worth it. It was so nice getting some full on time with big one, she's growing up so fast and now that she's a teenager I guess it won't be long before the last thing she'll want to do is go out with Mum. No actually scrap that if it's shopping I'll probably still have my uses LMAO

Today I finished off my Panda swap and got it off in the post. I hope 'Panda' who I'm sending to likes it all. So this evening I was going to finish up my Octopus stuff as that's got to be in the post for the 12th but after spending time on the phone with my Mother and trying not to bite my tongue off (the tablets the Dr put me on seem to be making that a bit easier, well I didn't feel the need to scratch my own eyes out anyway) I took myself off to the other room and did something for my gnome swap. How can you be sad when you're looking at Gnomes? You can't ;)

Tomorrow it's octopus/squid day ;)

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