Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Ok where did February go?

Boy that month flew past! Well I've been busy crafting my little socks off. I signed up for 4 swaps remember. Well i sent out the Tim Burton stuff this morning, the box has been packed up since saturday but I couldn't get to the post office on saturday and of course it's not open on a sunday so today it was. I've just a couple of things to finish up for my Octopus swap and that can get in the post hopefully before the end of the week. Unfortunately I've yet to hear back from my partner about her t shirt size :(
That just leaves the panda and gnome swaps to sort out. Please someone remind me NOT to sign up to so many swaps at the same time. Actually it's not my fault that all these great swaps turned up at the same time :D
Right better go get some sleep, not had much this last weekend too many nights outs and too much alcohol. Bad me. :p


Kookie said...

WHY do all the good swaps come along at the same time?? I'm doing 2 big swaps atm and the latest round of OWS too, I don't actually count the OWS though because you can pick and choose when to craft during the month ; )

Taz said...

I thought you had made a resolution to only do one swap at a time Mrs! LOL