Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The trouble

with entering into a Buy Nothing Swap is that if something goes wrong and you only had the one of that thing then you're buggered. I am now having a last minute panic searching in my boxes to find another one....something....anything to make it all better. See you get a wonderful swap partner and swap anxiety overtakes your life when you have to send the box. LOL

And still I keep signing up for swaps, once I get this parcel out I've got this lot to start having fun with. Honestly I do actually enjoy swapping. Octopus/Squid Swap, Gnome Swap, Tim Burton Swap and I've just sent off my info for a Panda Swap. :D For now I get the fun of working out what I'm going to make, doodle time :D

Ok outstanding picture that I promised days ago.
Stuff I sent to my Owl swap partner Thunderchild.

I stencilled her a shirt, knit a snowy owl purse, made a shrinky key charm and phone charm, a two owl perler picture, a crazy sequin owl stuffie and I knit a scarf which had 3 owls on it and blocks that spelt out Twit Twoo. Phew.

Other outstanding picture.
My haul from the local charity shop.

A set of 3 hat box style boxes for £3 which I plan on decoupaging (is that the right word?)
A bag full of zips for £1 and there were 15 zips in there. Bargain.
And a black tote bag for 50p that I used when I angelled in the Punk it up Swap.
And the book for 20p :D


Bumbershootska said...

It's swap madness in Scotland ha ha ha How many freakin' swaps are you doing, girl?!?

Taz said...

Ummmm to many :D Nah never too many, they just keep putting up swaps for things that I really's not my fault. ;)

Kookie said...

The trouble with the Buy Nothing Swap is that you spoiled me completely!!!
I absolutely love everything you sent and the photo frame gave us such a laugh : D I think I'll have a close up of Jake in it - make a man of him *LOL*
I made my first stencil today thanks to you **kiss**