Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Two out of three ain't bad

That is today two of the three packages I send out were received. Woohoo!
My partner Dorareever recedved all her Octopus/Squid goodies and loves them all. As usual I went a bit overboard with the amount I sent. For now here's the two t shirts I made her...can't seem to locate my pictures of everything just now :(

Ok I've searched everywhere and it would seem in my rush to get the parcel out I forgot to take pics or they've been eaten by the camera goblin. So I've 'borrowed' my partner's picture of the group shot. ;)

I sent her two stencilled shirts, 6 hand drawn note cards, a shrinky necklace of robotic squid, a knitted stuffi, a knitted bath mitt, and a shower scrub thing that I bought.

And my Panda partner, Panda (yep that's her sig) received. Yaaay!
And she seems pretty pleased with her stuff. :D

I sent her a half stencilled/half hand painted scarf, a wee crochet panda that is the first toy I've ever crochetted and yes I know it looks like it LOL I also sent some hand drawn cards, 2 pairs of panda earrings, a wee panda wallet to keep all her panda trinkets in, a t shirt for her grandson, a panda dishcloth that I worked out the chart for myself on and a pair of panda knickers that I couldn't resist getting for her when I was away for the weekend with big one.
This is the handpainted bit of the scarf

And this is my wee crochet panda :D

Now if my Tim Burton parcel arrives tomorrow I'll be thrilled.

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