Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Busy half a day.

Spent most of this morning in my lovely cozy bed, well it was snowing and him indoors was busy bashing down part of the kitchen wall so as I wasn't feeling so great I considered a few extra hours in my bed not such a bad thing. Anyway when I finally dragged myself out from under the duvet and into the shower I thought I better get some serious crafting done. So today I have stencilled - SWAP PARTNERS LOOK AWAY RIGHT NOW! - 2 shirts for my ***** swap and a scarf and a shirt for my ***** swap acutally I stencilled part of the scarf and hand painted the other part. That turned out so well and I'm super happy with it. Kookie was the first person I hand painted a scarf for and she seemed pretty pleased with it so this embouldered me to give it another go. :D


Kookie said...

More than "pretty pleased" m'dear : )

Taz said...

Awww bless ya ;)